Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry [sortakindalate] Christmas!!!

Hi lovers!!! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, alone or with family and friends I hope you enjoyed it!! Also, I have really good news for you, the mall has ended their extremely ridiculous holiday hours!!! This only means more time for moi to blog and read your blogs on a regular basis, instead of reading 1000+ on one sitting [true story]. So I now leave you with a little bit of Christmassy pictures, also I will post all the drafts I have left on my dashboard soon, pinky promise.

PS: My MIL is visiting us for the remaining of the holidays [aka NYE and such], so maybe...just maybe... I won't be here as much as I should. Jeje, say hi to her meanwhile...

PPS: I'm still dreaming of seeing snow one day, that place [last pic] looks fascinating!!!

Kisses huns!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Am Done!

Reading blogs that is! Or should I say catching up. Yeap, I just took forever and a day, but I'm up to speed with everyone, and even if I didn't comment as much [would have taken forever x1000], I read it all.

So I went ahead and made this gorg award just for me, cause I totes deserve it ya'll. At work, we have like 2 more weeks of crazy schedule and then it should all go back to normal [fingers crossed]. I love you guys, and thanks for sticking with me, even when I've been MIA. So sorry for that. Kisses!!! XOXO

You can grab it if you want.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

What am I wearing?

So apparently, I uploaded these here on November 7. Yeaa, but umm anyways, not wearing any brand names, at least not that I remember. That's my oldest, still favorite dress EVER!!!, my OTK boots, knee high socks [love them], silver cross and studded bangles. That's it I'm gonna keep this short and simple so that I can go read more of your blogs. Take care sweetie pies, and please please vote on my little poll on the right sidebar.

Kissies XOXO

PS: This day about 4 different guys asked me if I danced . What on Earth is up with that??? Did they mean like stripper??? or did they just wanted to ask me out??? I'm seriously still confused!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009


I'm not gonna lie, I had to look up in the calendar the date we went. It was October 18th. OMG, I couldn't even remember which month, I was like October.. naw August. No wait October. Aaaaanyways I looove Cirque Du Soleil. I went to La Nouba when I was like 14 and I loved it. And the soundtrack to Dralion is one of my fave CD's ever. I really wish I could see them all. Or at least Ka, the one about the Beatles, the water one, the forest one, the adults one. You know what I mean. I really like them. So as soon as I learned that they were gonna come to Santa Monica I knew I had to go.

The decision was actually a tough one cause we had already bought or tickets for the Wisin y Yandel concert which was the weekend before and ya know we're not rich, but we made it work, and boy am I glad! Here are some pictures of us.

[That's us up there]

[A very nice lady took our picture, well both of them. She
insisted we needed another one, cause the first one was dark.]

The theme for this show was circus and it was very classic in that sense. You know clowns, acrobats, clowns, clowns, clowns. I'm not a BIG fan of clowns, NO, I AM NOT AFRAID OF THEM. Is just that they're kinda pushy sometimes, and the ones from Kooza were no exception. If you thought that by having a seat on the very back of the tent you were going to be "safe", you're wrong! You could get called onto the stage from anywhere!!! And being that this has happened to me, I don't like it. Thankfully this Kooza clowns ignored me. Wheew!

Here are some pics of my favorite acts. You couldn't snap pictures inside so I grabbed all of these from Google.

Those guys up there in that huge ring [or whatever it's called] W O W! The were just basically defeating gravity in a very cool/artsy way. WIN. The couple in the unicycle, at first I thought wth bo-ring! But oh my!! It was everything but boring, very very interesting how they both stayed up there and kinda danced in PERFECT sync without falling or anything, another win. And of coursy, the contortionist girls... JAW DROPPING! That's the best description that I can give. One of them did a little exorcism thingy there and the whole place went ballistic. It was amazing, I cannot even describe what she was doing. I guess you just had to see it [No wonder they don't allow cameras inside].

All in all, it wasn't my favorite, but definitely worth seeing, does that even make sense? I hope you still enjoyed my very late review of it. You can check what I wore here.

PS: Thanks a LOT for all your sweet comments, tweets and support when I'm not being my besty blogger that I can be. Kisses to all of you. You're the best people EVUR!

What am I wearing? - Halloween

Wearing: Heavenly couture leggings, 
old as eff skirt, Urban Outfitters vest,
random tshirt, studded boots and bangles.

So this was my attempt at a costume, I decided last minute that I would "dress up" obviously it DID NOT work, since everybody just thought I was wearing a regular outfit. FAIL. I mean my shirt said BOO, did you not notice that? Ughh whatever, the point was to dress up as "myself" a catholic school girl or a girl with a uniform, but then the shirt I needed to use [long sleeve, white, button down] was dirty so.. I went with this one, tsk tsk tsk...

ADDED: Obviously I'm on top of things, since I'm posting NOW about my Halloween outfit and we're in the middle of December, but don't worry I'll be posting about my Thanksgiving dinner around Valentine's Day next year. LOL kidding.

I really wish I could post more, but I don't want to drown you guys with 3 or 4 posts on the same day. Tell me, would you read more than say 2 posts a day if I ever published that much??? I want to know. Actually that's gonna be my new poll. PLEASE VOTE!!!

I will post the results of my last poll soon [or shall I say at some point?]

Sunday, December 6, 2009

And the Award Goes To...

... ME! UGH I've been like the worst, most horrible blogger in the history of TIME! of ALL TIME!!! [insert Kanye's voice]. I haven't visited your blogs for almost [note: almost] a week. I feel like I've been disconnected from the world, I have NO clue wth is going on. But anyways, I'm gonna start catching up right this second, so expect tons of comments people, TONS!

Sorry if I've missed anything mayor, but you just need to blame the person that came up with "holiday hours" for the mall. This said person did NOT have a life, let alone a blog. I've missed you guys, KISSES XOXO

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What am I wearing?

This was the day before Halloween, that's how old this pics/post are. I decided to dress up for work, just because. I had found that ah-ma-ZING! top a few days before, and obvi knew that I had to get it. It was around $16 or $17 at F21. It went perfect with my leggings that simulate acid wash jeans. That ring I had also found days before at Francesca's Collection it was less than ONE DOLLAR!!! [it's original price was $20] on my book that's a deal! I got 4. One black. a turquoise one, and a white-ish one, and got my mom one in turquoise as well, cause she rocks. The earrings are from F21, and I decided not to wear anything else accessory-wise, because the shirt has a LOT going on in the back.

I really do NOT wear tight clothes anymore, in case you didn't notice I'm a bit obsessed with oversized clothes [hence huge on me] and I felt soooooo weird this day. But I got like a bajillion compliments, and everybody kept asking me where I got my top and then no one believed it was from F21. Jajaja I really dunno why cause they always have amazing stuff.

ADDED: I just got home from work and it's past 11 pm, soooo I will be heading straight to bed [cause I have to get up early tomorrow].  I missed the VS Fashion show and that is a HELL OF A BUMMER!!! UGHH I guess I will have to youtube or hulu the thing, cause even though I've already seen a lot of the footage, I haven't seen the whole thing. Anywhozers, I hope everybody's having a great week so far. I will get to your blogs tomorrow *pinky promise*.

Kisses, XOXO