Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What do YOU think?

Men wearing sandals

a. Hate it
b. Love it
c. meh

I definitely HATE IT! It's always been a huge pet peeve of mine. No matter how hot the guy is, he's gotta have his toes covered up. And it's not that I'm grossed out by men's feet, I know some women are. I just hate the look. I think they're only appropriate for the beach/pool. What do YOU think?

PS: Check out Jude Law sporting some flats

All pics from here.

You might as well call me Dorothy

Cause I WANT glitter shoes!!!!

I know I'm obsessed with the Victoria's being that I already have 3 pairs, yes THREE. But I like it ok? And now they're making more styles!!!!! OMG why?? Not only am I loving this glittery ones, but look...

Like seriously?? Are you kidding me?? I love leopard print, and I love this shoes, and ..... ZOMG! *insert me fainting here*

I also don't have any pairs of shoes in this shade of brown..

At least is not the victoria, cause that would be how many pairs of the same shoe????

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lusting for Beachwear part III

The Cover-up

No beach outtie is complete without a cover up, or two. LOL

InStyleSwimwear $135

Victoria's Secret $70

InStyleSwimwear $124

Victoria's Secret $58

Victoria's Secret $30

I want one of each, thank you, bye bye.

Seriously!!! I love all of these!!!!!! Specially that last one with my Marylin and my fave colors and the cheap price... LOOOVE.

Out of all the bathing suits, one-piece or two that I posted, my fave ones were color blue, so I guess the black cover up will match both or that crocheted one... that one is fantastic. Ok, so I JUST decided that I need 2 cover ups. The crocheted one for my bikini and the black tunic for my one piece and the Marylin one just cause, and that makes 3 but shutup.

Remember that if you missed the first two posts you can check 'em out here and here.

Which one(s) do you like??

Friday, April 23, 2010

Lusting for Beachwear part II

The Bikini

I lied. A one-piece is not the only thing I want for summer!! JAJAJA one of these puppies might make me happy too.

I need this one for tanning.. right?

 OndaDeMar $148

Neiman Marcus $350

InStyleSwimwear $124

I really love that first one up there, but don't get me wrong guys... I'm still all over the one-pieces, but a girl's gotta tan ya know. Well like my bananas said, it's all about the tan lines. These puppies reaaaally make me wanna go to the beach. I keep noticing that ruffles are still very popular on bathing suits, I'm not sure how I feel about them, but I think that particular one from Onda de Mar is flattering [for us flat chested girls anyway], so what do you guys think?

Anywhoddle, MY.FEET.REALLY.HURT. But that's a boring story. I hope everyone's enjoying their Friday. 


PS: those prices are ridonkulous!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lusting for Beachwear part I

The One-piece

I don't think I've ever owned a one-piece bathing suit, at least one that wasn't a cut-out; but you know what guys??? That's all I want this summer!!! A one-piece bathing suit. Now, the thing is I've found a gazillion that I like. I also found some cute bikinis,which brings us Lusting for Beachwear [aka a few posts on the subject]. Couldn't resist sharing.

My girls at BonBonRose blogged about this one here and I fell in love!
Anthropologie $238

What do you guys think? Do you usually go for a bikini or a one piece??? I want to know.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What am I wearing?

Meh... I don't necessarily love these pics, but I do like the outfit [worn for work].
Pants and top from ANGL
Fringe gold necklace from Bakers
Michael Kors watch
super old wood bangles

Soooo how are you guys doing? How was the weekend? Mine was pretty cool, got to spend some time with the honey, also went to the movies, saw Date Night jajaja it was awesome and super funny. "Who likes shirts??" Yeaaa, anyway, also went to Panera Bread for the first time ever... and YUMMMM. I really liked it, it was sort of expensive you know for a sandwich, but it was good, and the place was trendy.

Also, I can't take these bad boys outta my head... help?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What am I wearing?

Skirt, top, and denim jacket from Forever 21.
Pearl necklace from Francesca's Collection.
Sandals and ring from Bakers.

This was a little while ago and the only thing I can remember from this day is "ahhhh pedicure". Also, a kid about 7 yrs. old asked me out. So cute, he even called me ma'am. And obviously a gazillion compliments on my silver sandals... let me just say this... L O V E 'em.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Denim Trend

1. D&G, 2-4 Ralph Lauren.

1. D&G, 2 &3 William Rast, 4. House of Holland.
[ All pics from here. Collages by me.]

I love this trend! Wearing all denim and the denim on denim. I just love it!!!!! Here are some budget friendly options for trying this look:

 Forever 21


Forever 21

Casual Hat $6.80
Forever 21


Doesn't it look exactly like the House of Holland dress on the 2nd collage??? Love it! So what do you think about this trend? Have you tried it? Not for you? Are you willing to try it?? Tell me everything.

PS: I'm very happy that Monday's over.

Kisses, XOXO

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random Pictures of Me by Me

Sorry for the bad quality. It's just a compilation of very random, unrelated pics taken a few weeks back. Kisses my darlings and enjoy your new week. XOXO

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My List

It all started while watching a Friends episode [say, season 2, or maybe early season 3] where Chandler and Janice have a "list" of 5 people celebrities they're allowed to sleep with. Of course, right after, everybody starts asking everybody for their own list. Which got me thinking and....

1. Brad Pitt - Enough said.
2. George Clooney - Sexiness at its finest.
3. David Beckham - Have you seen his body? Ok thanks.
4. Hugh Jackman - Have you watched Wolverine?
5. Robi Draco Rosa - My love for him goes WAY back. Read more here.

Now, don't go around thinking this was easy, because let me tell you IT.WAS.NOT. The first 3 spots were filled pretty quick, but oh my!.. did I have trouble with the last two. I had to narrow it down to five you know.. hard, hard work.

This were my other finalists:

1. James Franco
2. Jude Law
3. Hayden Christensen 

Did I make the right choice?? I'm so sad for Jude Law, but apparently I prefer 40 yr olds.

All these pics have got me drooling babbling, so I'm gonna shut up now, but before... WHO'S ON YOUR LIST?

All pics from Google.