Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What am I wearing?

Meh... I don't necessarily love these pics, but I do like the outfit [worn for work].
Pants and top from ANGL
Fringe gold necklace from Bakers
Michael Kors watch
super old wood bangles

Soooo how are you guys doing? How was the weekend? Mine was pretty cool, got to spend some time with the honey, also went to the movies, saw Date Night jajaja it was awesome and super funny. "Who likes shirts??" Yeaaa, anyway, also went to Panera Bread for the first time ever... and YUMMMM. I really liked it, it was sort of expensive you know for a sandwich, but it was good, and the place was trendy.

Also, I can't take these bad boys outta my head... help?


  1. I LOVE the color of those pants! And girl... just give in and get those shoes. Doooo ittttt. They're just beyond hot. I need to check out Bakers soon... you always get the coolest stuff from there.

  2. Dang I like the pants and all, but I'd look like an upside down carrot in it. lol

  3. @Nashe- ahahahaha. Silly you!
    I love your pants Ambar. It's such a fun shade. And I absolutely lurrrve your necklace.

  4. Those pants are FANTASTIC. I used to shop at ANGL all the time when I lived in Santa Barbara. I wish we had one here!

  5. who likes shirts?! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! that movie was friggen funny! i've already watched it 2x!

    loving you in orange pants. only you would look that fly.

  6. Glad to hear that Date Night was funny, BK wants to take me to that in the near future! You look so cute and I love how you can pull off that shade of pants. Not many girls can! XO!

  7. you look so cute!! love that color!


  8. I totally dig the juicy color of those pants!

  9. oh I just watched date night I loved it! lol, I love that pic where your hair is moving ...


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