Friday, April 23, 2010

Lusting for Beachwear part II

The Bikini

I lied. A one-piece is not the only thing I want for summer!! JAJAJA one of these puppies might make me happy too.

I need this one for tanning.. right?

 OndaDeMar $148

Neiman Marcus $350

InStyleSwimwear $124

I really love that first one up there, but don't get me wrong guys... I'm still all over the one-pieces, but a girl's gotta tan ya know. Well like my bananas said, it's all about the tan lines. These puppies reaaaally make me wanna go to the beach. I keep noticing that ruffles are still very popular on bathing suits, I'm not sure how I feel about them, but I think that particular one from Onda de Mar is flattering [for us flat chested girls anyway], so what do you guys think?

Anywhoddle, MY.FEET.REALLY.HURT. But that's a boring story. I hope everyone's enjoying their Friday. 


PS: those prices are ridonkulous!


  1. aww, sorry your feet hurt, I could never pull a bikini like this hell no lol. I am confined to the one pieces with lots of coverage and "support" lol. I like the very last one with the little skirt thing going om. :) Hope you have a lovely weekend girl!

  2. One of those puppies might make me happy too XD

  3. Why are bikinis so expensive?? I'll never know! I need those bodies...never mind the bikinis. ^^

  4. Great Blog!!! Those bikinis are amazing, specially the second one...but like Nashe^ said, I need those am now following you :) Care to check out mine??


  5. They are all HOT!!!!

  6. I love all of these suits, especially the VS one. I just wish they weren't all so darn expensive though!


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