Thursday, April 8, 2010

My List

It all started while watching a Friends episode [say, season 2, or maybe early season 3] where Chandler and Janice have a "list" of 5 people celebrities they're allowed to sleep with. Of course, right after, everybody starts asking everybody for their own list. Which got me thinking and....

1. Brad Pitt - Enough said.
2. George Clooney - Sexiness at its finest.
3. David Beckham - Have you seen his body? Ok thanks.
4. Hugh Jackman - Have you watched Wolverine?
5. Robi Draco Rosa - My love for him goes WAY back. Read more here.

Now, don't go around thinking this was easy, because let me tell you IT.WAS.NOT. The first 3 spots were filled pretty quick, but oh my!.. did I have trouble with the last two. I had to narrow it down to five you know.. hard, hard work.

This were my other finalists:

1. James Franco
2. Jude Law
3. Hayden Christensen 

Did I make the right choice?? I'm so sad for Jude Law, but apparently I prefer 40 yr olds.

All these pics have got me drooling babbling, so I'm gonna shut up now, but before... WHO'S ON YOUR LIST?

All pics from Google.


  1. lol...i think you got the list just right! but i'd take off brad..not my type...

  2. Very nice list and finalists. My only other addition would be Rodrigo Santoro. He was pretty dreamy on "Love Actually" and the Chanel ad with Nicole Kidman.

  3. I'd do James Franco any day! Woot woot!

  4. Haha... Jude Law's on my list. So are Ben Barnes, Josh Groban, Ash Rexy and Grace Khold. >.>

    Runners up: Darin Yevonde and Brad Pitt. *laughs*

  5. brad pitt was kicked off my list a long time ago but james franco has been slowly creeping into mine these days.

  6. Ohh these are good but I would add Tatum Channing and Zac Efron, yep I like the young ones. Ha ha. Happy Saturday!

  7. We have similar tastes :) My tops are:
    James Franco, Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen, Ben McKenzie, Jason Wade (from Lifehouse), and Hugh Grant a few years back :)

  8. Eric Dane (McSteamy... too sexy!)
    Bradley Cooper (what can i say? es bello!!)
    Hugh Jackman (en Wolverine se ve demasiado sabroso!)
    Chace Crawford (B-E-L-L-O!)
    Ed Westwick (me encanta lo malo que es!!!)

    Tmbn me gusta: Christian Dale (gotta love Bruce Wayne), Sean Patrick Flannery (chekeate las fotos de Boondock Saints no las de Powder! LOL) and James Franco... Oh God! Gracias por dañarme la mente por el resto del dia yummm!! jajajajajaja AL parecer los kiero todos...

  9. I agree with almost all your men on here, especially Hayden Christiansen. My hubby gets told ALL the time that he is his twin. If you have ever seen Life As A House, he looks IDENTICAL to my husband in it, its almost scary....minus the makeup of course ;)


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