Monday, August 31, 2009

Get the look for less... a lot less

We're talking $4,693.20 less to be exact. I put up a set [on Polyvore] of course, that shows you can still look red carpet gorgeous on a budget. Here are the outfits, I mean can you even tell which one is expensive and which one isn't??

They're both very simple, yet elegant. Obviously not one of my best sets, but it proves a point. I wanted everyone to be able to see both items on the same set, so they could properly compare. Still in shock? Check this out.

Outfit on the left:
Dress: $2,625
Shoes: $605
Clutch: $175
Earrings: $325
Bracelet: $805
Pendant: $365
Total: $4,880

Outfit on the right:
Dress: $16
Shoes: $49
Clutch: $49
Earrings: $25
Bracelet: $7.80
Pendant: $40
Total: $186.80

Yea, I know all of you want to go shopping with me now... kidding [although, if you do, please e-mail me]. It was really fun to put up the set together, and of course you can click on it, or go here directly for all the details if you want to buy one of the items.

Any thoughts?????

The Ugly Mug

This is one of those posts, that you're supposed to write but never do, or take a really long time writing. Well, this is the type that took a long time writing, not because I've been writing it, just because I couldn't get around to it.

I went to The Ugly Mug before I went to the concert, and I already blogged about that. a lot. The story starts like this. I'm at Barnes & Noble with the honey, and we see this message about some open mic poetry reading thing, and we're both like ok, sounds cool, and it's free, so we're there!

Went there, loved it, it was amazing, the most magical thing EVER, and not so much the poetry although that was amazing too, but the location...*sigh* simply breathtaking, I didn't even took pictures because I didn't want to miss a second of it, [also, didn't want to look like a freak].

At the end, everybody was taking about how the next "local" reading was at the ugly mug and how cool the place was and being the crazy couple we are [ok, not really but that sounds cool] we grabbed the little itinerary they had there for stalkers people like us, and put it on our calendar.

WOW! I had never been in a city like that one before. I wanted to move right that instant. Everything was vintage. We didn't know if the place we were headed to was a bar, or a restaurant, or a coffee shop perhaps?..It was a coffee shop. It wasn't as good a poetry reading as the one at Barnes & Noble, it wasn't free, the coffee was OVERPRICED, but it was amazing, does that make me crazy? Yes Probably. Here are the pics.

This was at Barnes & Noble when 
we decided to become open.mic.poetry.reading.freaks. 
[I'm the one with the converse].
This is the honey at the Ugly Mug. 
[Everything looked like this, isn't that cool]. 
Isn't it really unfair that I'm not in ANY of the pictures?!?!?! I'm suing somebody, LOL joking!

I'm Not Naked...

What am I wearing?

I am pretty sure that by now, all of you must be thinking that I am wandering the streets naked. Well, I am not! I just haven't been wearing anything fancy/new/blog-worthy, etc. Anyways, here are some pics of the last cute thing I wore to work.

See? Nothing really that interesting! Anyways, top from Old Navy, my good 'ol jeans, shoes are Moda Spana, pearl necklace from Francesca's Collection, and the bracelets, the clear one are from ALDO, the pearl ones from Target.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Images

Hey friends, here are a few pictures that I thought deserved to be "Saturday Images". I love them all, and I hope all of you are having a great weekend!

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Favorite Sets of the Week - #9

I really need Fall clothes, due to the fact that I have none, zero, zip, NADA. Ok, maybe I have a coat and some leggings, but that's it. Aaaanddd they're so last season, literally! UGH!! Enough venting for today, here are some really nice sets for all of you to enjoy.

I want that dress from the first one, and don't even get me started on the shoes! What do you think about the dress? Too much? Because I think it's purrrfect! I know that last week, I used a set that had the same skirt that's on the second set, but the outfit is completely different, it's kinda romantic, but not really. Ok, I'm not making sense anymore, I know...moving on. The last set, is kinda simple, compared to what I usually post here, but I just had to I mean, it doesn't need anything else. PS: I love the boots! I love the combination of the baby blue with the caramel of the boots, and the bag is black!! Everybody knows how much I love the whole brown + black combo.

So, that's it for this week's sets. Do you have Polyvore? If so, feel free to add me! The link is on the Polyvore widget thingy on my right sidebar.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm here

Hello, lovely readers! I was PMS-ing, so I just saved you the horror!!! That's why I haven't "been here" the past 2 days. You're welcome!!! I have just been sleeping, or just being sleepy when I'm awake. I'm reaaaallyyyy sleepy right now, but I'm gonna read all your blog posts, yes, all 100+ of them.

Also, thanks a lot for all the support with my goals, I appreciate that beyond words.For those who asked about the domain, and how I got it, the link is here.

Remember that you can always follow me on twitter to see what I'm actually doing real time. I leave you know with a beautiful picture of a girl reading...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Goal #84 - Get MyOwn Domain

I just got my own domain, I'm pseudo freaking out right now. Ok, I'm completely and absolutely freaking out. Let's see if I'm not a complete retard, and I got the thing working.

UPDATED: I know I must be driving everybody crazy with my goals, but I'm crazy too at this moment, so let's all be crazy together!

The website seems to be working, so I'm not a techtard!! YAY!!! Obviously it is This only means I can get my own business cards already. Which means....... goal #95 is going down!!

Goal #88 - Go to 7 Concerts

As all of you know, I made a list of 101 goals to finish in 1,001 days. One of my goals (#88) was to attend 7 concerts. Why seven? I don't know, I just felt like 10 were a lot, [not that I would mind, but money-wise they are]. So, I went with seven, but back to the point. I went to the first one already. YAY! to me for getting started on my goals.

Concert #1. Ricardo Arjona - Quinto Piso

We Love Colors

The story goes like this... I was searching for green tights or leggings on Polyvore so that I could make this set that I used for this post here.

Thing is, well was, that I only found baby tights. I thought I was doomed, but then I remembered I could "clip" my own stuff to Polyvore, so I set on the task of finding leggings/tights that looked like mine. Easy? I think NOT! However, I kept looking, I was determined you see, and I came across We Love Colors, which is like the heaven of all colored leggings and tights, fishnets, etc

I just love the variety, not to mention the prices. I obviously needed to share this amazing website with all of my lovely readers. Here are a few of my fave tights. Enjoy!


Ricardo Arjona's Concert

I don't know how many of you are familiar with his work [because he only sings in Spanish that is]. But he is an amazing artist!!! I fell even more in love with him during the concert. I also think that this was the best concert I've been to in my whole life!!! [I love concerts, therefore I've been to more than a handful]. This is his official page - Ricardo Arjona.

Ricardo was just spectacular, he sang ALL the time [a good 2 hrs.], no lip-syncing, he never took a break, plus he played piano and guitar. This was SO WORTH THE MONEY!!! They even had to open an extra function.

Oh, I'm so glad I saw that billboard on the I-110 a couple months ago.. *sigh*

Here is a picture, I took a few more, but due to the light, or lack of it actually, well, everything looked black!

That's him when he appeared on stage. Speaking of the stage, it was amazing!!! It was resembling a building with a "5th floor" which is the name of the tour. His musicians were also amazing! Oh, everything was just perfect!

You can go here for all the details of what I wore, and which hot celebrity I saw at the end.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What am I wearing? [Concert Edition]

I made a set of my outfit, and there it is. If you study it properly you'll see that is as real as I could get. [That's the perfume I wear, my fave body butter, the nail polish, my shoes, my camera!, LA Live, the flatiron, th eyeshadow, etc]. Now, here are the real pics.

I know there isn't like a single decent pic in there, but I did my best. You can at least see my outfit, which got me many looks, but they were mostly accompanied by "WOW's" and "She looks cool", I also heard a lady in the bathroom saying something among the lines of I want green nail polish.

Dress from Heavenly Couture, green leggings from Francesca's Collection, the bracelet [from the 1st pic] is also from my designer friend, Natalia's Prestige, the nail polish is sinful colors from Walgreens, shoes from Steve Madden, hair and makeup by myself. Speaking of makeup, I used the eyeshadow I talked about here. I think I really worked it this time!

That's and me the honey before the concert started, and yes he is bald!

ps: We saw this Puerto Rican hottie [Amaury Nolasco, from Prison Break and Transformers....go PUERTO RICO!!!] as we were walking towards the parking. He is extremely cute, but not as tall as I thought/imagined. Oh well *sigh*

My Favorite Sets of the Week - #8

First of all, I apologize for not blogging this past few days, I've been sick and it's been kinda like an on/off sickness. I'm better now, and hopefully I will stay that way! I did read all your posts, so don't worry about that!!

I am really into Fall already, even though I'm perfectly clear the season doesn't start until September 23 [thanks dad!]. So, basically I am loving all sets Fall related, all at least sets that have outfits that you can wear in the Fall or in cold weather.

There's something about the first one that just attracts me to it. Fatal attraction anyone? Naww, it must be the ruffles of the skirt, plus the gorg boots, plus Emma Watson, hello? I love her. The second one is just perfect neutral colors, oh and the shoes... oh my! In the third one, the color of the skirt and the boots, definitely made it a winner!! It is just so romantic and pratical for this imaginative "cold" weather. Have I mentioned I want something red?? I think the skirt from "September is coming" is just perfect for this red craving of mine!! I would totally wear that last outfit from "Happy Hump Day" and oh yes, I will leave you with that in mind. *Wink wink*

Friday, August 21, 2009

Goal #70 - Watch IMDB's Top 50 Movies

Here's the list of the 50 movies (as of August 21, 2009). You can click here for full access of the list. The ones that are crossed out are the ones that I've already seen. You can also see the rest of my goals here.

01. The Shawshank Redemption
02. The Godfather
03. The Godfather part II
04. Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo
05. Pulp Fiction
06. Schindler's List
07. 12 Angry Men
08. The Dark Knight
09. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
10. Star Wars: Episode V-The Empire Strikes Back
11. Casablanca
12. Star Wars
13. The Lors of the Rings: The Return of the King
14. Schininin no Samurai
15. Goodfellas
16. Rearwindow
17. Cidade de Deus
18. Raiders of the Lost Ark
19. Fight Club
20. C'era una Volta il West
21. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
22. The Usual Suspects
23. Psycho
24. The Silence of the Lambs
25. Sunset Blvd.
26. Up
27. The Matrix
28. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
29. District 9
30. North by Northwest
31. Memento
32. It's a Wonderful Life
33. Se7en
34. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
35. Citizen Kane
36. Leon
37. Apocalypse Now
38. American Beauty
39. Taxi Driver
40. American History X
41. Vertigo
42. Lawrence of Arabia
43. Forrest Gump
44. WALL-E
45. Paths of Glory
46. Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain
47. Double Indemnity
48. M
49. Alien
50. To Kill a Mockingbird

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Think This: Skirts

I just fell in love with like 10,000+ skirts and I'm posting all of my faves here for you.

I love skirts and I always have, I just recently [since I've been dating the honey to be exact] stopped wearing them as much. Sad! I know. But, I'm trying to get back in the game, so I've been browsing and this is what I've found so far, that's got me seriously drooling. Enjoy.

This one is my absolute favorite!!! I know it's tiny, but OMG sequin!!! I would wear it just like that, doesn't it look fab? *sigh*...

This zipper is just so damn sexy right in the middle of the skirt, and I also love the color. PS: Did you notice the one sleeve top she's wearing?!?! This is total hotness!
First of all, I love her shoes, second I NEED something floral, ASAP and this skirt is just perfect to satisfy my floral needs. Don't you think? The color is great, and it looks as though it would fit perfect with all my grey tops. Would it??
Talk about neon and amazing leggings! I can see myself wearing this, attitude and all.


I know, I know. I'm kinda late to wear these styles, because they all are very springy/summery and I'm already freezing in here but they're just too cute! I love that last boho outfit...*sigh*
Now, this one is also short but I might be able to pull it off with a blazer, suggestions??

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

101 Goals in 1001 Days

I thought I was never going to finish this list. I got inspired to do it a while ago [couple of weeks now] and have been trying to get to the 101 ever since. However, while doing some research looking for more inspiration [I was stuck at #54, seriously!] I found out that this is actually a project. It is called Day Zero and you can read all about it here.

Just to let you know, italics or bold don't mean anything they're just there for dramatical purposes [meaning it doesn't mean that I've finished the goal or anything]. As I finish my goals, I will however, strike them out like this, and blog about them, post pictures etc.

Start Date: August 20, 2009
End Date: May 17, 2012

  1. Finish school.
  2. Get a dog.
  3. Explore the city I live in [whichever one that might be].
  4. Excercise on a REGULAR basis.
  5. SAVE money [$1,000 on my savings account].
  6. Get a job and get promoted.
  7. Take a Bikram yoga class.
  8. Go to a play.
  9. See the ballet.
  10. Call a different family member each week for 3 months. (0/12)
  11. Take the bus to go somewhere.
  12. Go to the salon every 3 months to cut my ends.
  13. Ride my bike at least twice a month for 3 months. (0/6)
  14. Bake a cake for a special occasion.
  16. Finish all the books I have at home, before buying a new one [If it's for school, it doesn't count].
  17. Get married, engaged, something!
  18. Make a scrapbook.
  19. Host a giveaway on my blog.
  20. Buy 5 different items from etsy. (0/5)
  21. Volunteer for something.
  22. Recycle.
  23. Learn how to cook soups.
  24. Go a whole day without turning my computer on [I can't use my bf's either].
  25. Buy a CD of a band/artist I really like.
  26. Try food from 3 different countries. (0/3)
  27. Get my own car.
  28. Go skydiving.
  29. Visit Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco and NYC.(0/4)
  30. See snow, touch it, feel it, photograph it.
  31. Visit a bookstore other than Borders or Barnes and Noble.
  32. Get a library card.
  33. Buy myself an expensive purse.
  34. Eat a salad every day for dinner for a week. (0/5)
  35. Take a photography class.
  36. Visit a lake.
  37. Do kareoke in public.
  38. Wear eyeshadow everyday for a full week. (0/7)
  39. Finish writing 100 Things About Me, and post it.
  40. Watch 10 foreign films. (0/10)
  41. Have a birthday party.
  42. Pay off my credit cards, all of them.
  43. Buy something antique/vintage/used and wear it.
  44. Read a biography book (suggestions welcome).
  45. Go to a club.
  46. Visit a country in South America.
  47. Have a picnic.
  48. Take the picture of 10 strangers. (0/10)
  49. Join a club/group.
  50. Visit 5 museums. (0/5)
  51. Spend a day relaxing at a spa.
  52. Read the newspaper everyday for a month. (0/30)
  53. Learn how to swallow pills.
  54. Write a poem and read it out loud to people.
  55. Go on a cruise.
  56. Tweet 100 times on one day. More info.
  57. Draw or paint something and post in on my blog.
  58. Go walking [for exercise] twice a week for a month. (0/8)
  59. Cancel my gym subscription already!!!!! Ugh
  60. Watch a silent movie.
  61. Visit 10 different movie theaters that I haven't been to before. (0/10)
  62. Go to the beach and get in the water.
  63. Spend an entire day in a different city just because.
  64. Blog about every time I finish one of these goals.
  65. Not buy ANYTHING for an entire month. Anything.
  66. Read 30 new books (again, suggestions very welcome). (0/30)
  67. Ride in a helicopter.
  68. Adopt a soldier.
  69. Try to get somewhere without using my GPS.
  70. Watch IMDB's top 50 movies. (19/50) More info.
  71. Have a Star Wars marathon and watch all 6 episodes back to back.
  72. Make one new friend.
  73. Join the Big Brother Big Sister program.
  74. Go eat at a fancy restaurant by myself.
  75. Buy a babydoll.
  76. Dress up for Halloween [in a costume obviously] and go out.
  77. Buy a new laptop.
  78. Buy myself flowers.
  79. Spend the whole day reading at a library.
  80. Spend a whole day in Rodeo Dr.
  81. Buy a Lakers jersey and wear it to a game.
  82. Print this list and take it with me everywhere.
  83. Buy a coloring book, crayons and finish coloring the book all by myself. More info.
  84. Get my own domain.
  85. Get a P.O. Box.
  86. Learn how to play Chess.
  87. Go ice skating.
  88. Go to 7 concerts. (1/7) More info.
  89. Go hiking.
  90. Take a romantic vacation with the honey.
  91. Learn how to do my hair [3 different hairstyles]. (0/3)
  92. Go to at least 3 Cirqe Du Soleil shows. (0/3)
  93. Buy 3 Cirque Du Soleil soundtracks. (0/3)
  94. Eat dessert after every meal for one week. (0/7)
  95. Get my own business cards.
  96. Keep cash on my purse (at least $10) at all times.
  97. Publish a video of myself on youtube.
  98. Learn how to play poker and play.
  99. Paint 3 more items on Color Me Mine. (0/3)
  100. Learn 10 new recipes [soups don't count]. (0/10)
  101. Finish all these goals, and then set 101 more goals to finish.
I hope all of you feel inspired enough that you also want to do it. If you do, please send me the link so I can check out your list. Kisses, and wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Model Spotlight - Eva Riccobono

Eva Riccobono

Eva was born in February, 1983, in Palermo, Sicily. She was introduced to the fashion world by a photographer when she was 14. At 17 she was compared to Laetitia Casta and the rest is history! She's been on the covers of magazines such as Elle, Vogue, GQ, Cosmopolitan and others. And has appeared on the runway for Emanuel Ungaro, Oscar de la Renta, Balmain, Dolce and Gabbana, Givenchy, Valentino, Lanvin and so many others that I could open up another blog just about her. You can go here for the rest of the details.

The pictures with the bathing suit are just amazing, both of them. She has such a great body, with actual curves and everything. I think she is very different. I dunno, just IMO. I couldn't find a Polyvore set that featured her, [what a frikin shame!!!] so I just added extra pics for the enjoyment of all. What do you think?

And please don't forget to vote on my poll [if you voted already, THANKS!!] on the top of the right sidebar.