Friday, August 14, 2009

Think This: Clutches

This post was supposed to be about bags, all sorts of bags, but since I am apparently obsessed with clutches. Well, they ended up having they're own little spotlight. Here are all the clutches I'm crushing on right now, from $46 to $230.

I think these are the funkiest, most bizarre clutches I've seen lately! I really like the first one, and the second one too. That one is soooo girly and feminine, as well as the Feather Clutch. I am also loving the palette of the oversized suede clutch. I think it is the perfect transition from Summer to Fall. And what about the Paparazzi one? I would use it as a makeuo bag or something, it is just too cute, and I would just have to carry it around with me 24/7.

How about you? Which one's your favorite? Do you wear clutches often? If so, to where? Where do you get your clutches? Am I asking too many questions?? Probably.
Well, remember to vote on the poll. That's all, I'm off to dreaming about these clutches now.


  1. Oh my god, I love that lashes clutch! I must have it! :(

  2. I like the first ASOS clutch... I love the colors!

    the singular

  3. OOOOHhhh i like the suede one!!
    i never use clutches although i love them. but i get annoyed that i hae to hold it all the time, so i just dont bring it lol, bc i no ill leave it somewhere and forget it.

  4. PS.... how the heck did u get that google search thing to work???? i CANNOT for the life of me get it to work :(

  5. Hey Lizz, I love it too, and Antonio, I feel like I want to make a dress, or maybe a skirt out of those colors. They're just ah-ma-ZING!

    NB: What I don't like about clutches is the fact that nothing seems to fit in them. You know you have to make crucial decicions like: phone or camera? lip gloss or liner? Aghh you can never take all that u need. As for the search thingy, I had no idea it worked, thanks for letting me know. But it was fairly complicated, maybe you should try it a couple of times, that's what I did. :/ hope that helps at least a bit... let me know

  6. Oh wow, they are all such creative and unique designs. Honestly, I don't wear clutches too often, but I love looking at all of them!

  7. I LOVE CLUTCHES!! so much fun!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Lisa, I'm with you!

    and thanks Iva!!! you're a darling <3

  9. OMG! They are all sooo beautiful! My fave is the very last one and yes I wear Clutches because they're solely ELEGANT!
    Oh Ambar I gave you an AWARD so check out my post!

  10. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! and that last one is just sooo cute!! My bf says it looks like a skirt, and it does, a wonderful/fabulous skirt that happens to be a clutch.. omg these clutches are driving me crazy, I'm not even making sense anymore... Kisses



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