Friday, August 7, 2009

All PR Welcome !!!

As some of you already know I love trying new things, [I mean who doesn't?] and then of course blog about them! Well I found very interesting blogs, Feels Like Home and Adrienne's House, who are giving a chance to new bloggers, [or maybe not so new] to meet with PR professionals, isn't that GREAT!!!


I have already tried reviewing products, and some of my movie reviews have been published on the web [ok, it was only one, but it sounds fancy]. I have a list of a few more products that I already tried [you don't have to thank me for the sacrifice] and I'm telling YOU all about them this month!!

I am always interested in trying very different things, from new clothes, to wine, food, coffees, etc. Although, most of the products I blog about are makeup, nail polish, lotions, shower gels; just beauty products in general. Afterall, Ambar's Thoughts is a place where you can find the latest fashion trends, or at least the ones I'm really into at the moment; What am I Wearing, [and where is it from], amd which models and designers I'm absolutely in love with!

PS: I would also love to review magazines, I mean there are just sooo many good ones out there!! UGH I want them all!!

My e-mail is on the left sidebar of my blog, but just in case, you can contact me here


  1. Wow! This is sooo exciting !!! I have to check this out, it seems like sooo much fun especially since I enjoy trying new things too!
    p.s. This is very SWEET OF YOU to SHARE - THANK YOU!!!

  2. Thanks!!! I really love trying new things and telling the world [OK my readers] what I thought of them.


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