Friday, August 14, 2009

I wanted to keep them all to myself....

...but I'm sharing.

Here's a list [I'm a listographer, I know] of all the blogs that I've followed recently and that I just added to my blog roll. Just a little spotlight because well, not everybody reads the list all the time, and you might not notice I added someone.

#1. Anastasia Bee Extremely sweet girl, found her on 20 something bloggers and I'm really glad I did! She's a recent college graduate, so just imagine all the fun she is having... or not. Go visit her blog to find out.

#2. Bohemian Musings Amazing outfits, she's a true inspiration.

#3.Classic Twist I love the pictures she posts, it's like where does she gets all of these extra cool, fashion-y stuff?

#4. District of Chic She has an amazing fashion style and she is not shy about it. I love her outfit options, and she will definitely keep you posted with her outfit shots.

#5. Fashion Jinx The perfect place if you want to discover other fashion blogs.

#6. Julia Monson One of my fashion jinx discoveries. Beautiful girl, stunning outfits, what else do you want?

#7.LA She is going to be my stylist when I grow up LOL. I want all of her outfits, seriously. I love, LOVE the way she dresses. Most of her outfits, is stuff that I would wear. As well as her accesories, and bags and shoes... you get the point.

#8. Life in Travel Her blog name should be something like Traveling in Frikin Awesome Clothes, instead. Her clothes are to die for, no joke. Her shoes, OMG!!!! and the pictures she takes... *sigh* Did I mention she also has adorable kids? Well she does, and I'm addicted to her blog.

#9.Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! I'm beginning to notice a pattern. I'm pseudo-obsessed with bloggers that post their own outfits, specially if their also amazing like this one's. I love her style and she also does DIY projects. Ahhh, she needs to work for me when I'm a grownup, hehehe.

#10. Litter I am still having issues over sharing this one or not. I want all of their pieces, ALL OF THEM. PERIOD. These ladies here create amazing jewelry, for like your elbow, your shoulder, your shoes..*gasp*. They're also super cute and are always sporting some of their creations, so you get an idea of how to rock 'em. They're website's on their blog.

#11. Runway to Real Life She is my new idol. She is the designer behind Assad Mounser, my newest addiction. I can't stop myself from just being on her website for hours looking at her stuff. She has some particular pieces with tons and tons of crosses on them and you all know how obsessed I am with those. Anyway her blog is what I wore here and what I wore there, with some posts about pieces that inspire her! Don't waste another second and go see it NOW.

#12. The Novelista Barista I love this sweet girl. Her comments always make me happy, just like a cup of coffee sans the huge headache. But who can resist coffe anyway? I love her blog, makes me feel like I'm chillaxing at Starbucks.

#13. The Singular This guy takes awesome polaroids. Period. Ok, period, but not the end, his polaroids are AMAZING!!! I want him to take mine!! He's also a sweetheart.

#14. Vintage is the New Black First, I love her tats. Second, her clothes... I don't know her personally but I feel like I do, it's like she expresses herself trhough her outfits, isn't that amazing?? She has an ebay store with amazing clothes at very affordable prices. Did I mention she looks vintage herself??!?! She's amazing


  1. You definitely have a thing for fashion-y bloggers. lol

  2. awe!! thanks so cute :) ur too cute!!!!!!!!
    i love this list i must make one and check out all ur other bloggie friends!!

  3. oo! I love discovering new blogs, I'll have to check these out :]

  4. Yessssssssssss. Love learning about new blogs!

  5. OMG! Thanks for mentioning these FAB Blogs I have to Check them out! LA I am familiar with and I solely agree with you, her style is AMAZING!

  6. You are so kind to say such nice things about my blog! Thank you so much!

  7. @Nashe^ Oh yes I do, I love fashion and all things related, but I also read many, many other blogs, you can check the full list on my profile page. I read blogs about just life in general, or photographers, wedding ones[although I'm not so sure why, since I don't want a wedding, but yea..]

    @NB Thanks!!! I enjoy ur blog soooo much, I feel like we're connected sometimes. Kisses!!

    @Sarah and Kristin YAY!!! these is a short but amazing list of bloggers :)

    @Gerri, oh yes!!! LA, I love, I want her to be my stylist, or my bff so we could swap some clothes LOL

    @E I love it, keep up the good work, and fashion sense ;)


  8. thats gangster...i've never been featured without featuring some one first... i'm trully honored....


  9. AWWW that's're sooooo welcome. I always, ALWAYS read your posts ;)

  10. aw thank you so much! That's so awesome! I may not comment on it, but I love the "What I'm wearing" posts!! I love your style.

    xo Anastasia B.

  11. Thanks Ambar! What kind words - what an amazing shout out! You are too too nice! I love the other blogs you suggested, as well as your blog too! xxx

  12. AWWW Thank you girls, both of you! I send you tons of kisses ^^

  13. LOVE YOU! =)


    Like your MALIBU's pics a lot! You're really HOT! WOW!

    Once again, THANKS A LOT!

  14. AWWWW you're sooo amazing!!!!! I love you too!!!!!! and thanks!!!! ^^


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