Sunday, August 23, 2009

What am I wearing? [Concert Edition]

I made a set of my outfit, and there it is. If you study it properly you'll see that is as real as I could get. [That's the perfume I wear, my fave body butter, the nail polish, my shoes, my camera!, LA Live, the flatiron, th eyeshadow, etc]. Now, here are the real pics.

I know there isn't like a single decent pic in there, but I did my best. You can at least see my outfit, which got me many looks, but they were mostly accompanied by "WOW's" and "She looks cool", I also heard a lady in the bathroom saying something among the lines of I want green nail polish.

Dress from Heavenly Couture, green leggings from Francesca's Collection, the bracelet [from the 1st pic] is also from my designer friend, Natalia's Prestige, the nail polish is sinful colors from Walgreens, shoes from Steve Madden, hair and makeup by myself. Speaking of makeup, I used the eyeshadow I talked about here. I think I really worked it this time!

That's and me the honey before the concert started, and yes he is bald!

ps: We saw this Puerto Rican hottie [Amaury Nolasco, from Prison Break and Transformers....go PUERTO RICO!!!] as we were walking towards the parking. He is extremely cute, but not as tall as I thought/imagined. Oh well *sigh*


  1. I love your outfit. amazing

  2. I LOVE the green leggings!!! Yay I'm so glad you found my blog girl! Looove yours too! XOXO!

  3. Fun outfit love and glad you had a fun weekend! Yes, love the green leggings!

  4. Loving the green woman! You look so fab. I just bought that OPI polish that's in your set.

  5. Wow! Don't YOU LOOK FABULOUS! I luv the Green leggings and the eyeshadow ROCKS!!!
    AMBAR you are solely GLAM FABULOUS from head to toe!:}

  6. I read some cast members from House attended the event, did you see anyone?

  7. @Antonio, thanks!!

    @Elizabeth, aww thank you!! I always love finding new blogs

    @OceanDreams, thank you!!!

    @Sarah, I love it too, it's the best thing I bought in the summer

    @Kristin, green woman-> LOL... thanks!! green's one of my fave colors.. YES!

    @Gerri, have I mentioned that I love you??? Well, I DO!!! THANK YOU

    regarding the House cast members.. I really don't know and wouldn't know b/c I don't watch TV.. :(


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