Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm here

Hello, lovely readers! I was PMS-ing, so I just saved you the horror!!! That's why I haven't "been here" the past 2 days. You're welcome!!! I have just been sleeping, or just being sleepy when I'm awake. I'm reaaaallyyyy sleepy right now, but I'm gonna read all your blog posts, yes, all 100+ of them.

Also, thanks a lot for all the support with my goals, I appreciate that beyond words.For those who asked about the domain, and how I got it, the link is here.

Remember that you can always follow me on twitter to see what I'm actually doing real time. I leave you know with a beautiful picture of a girl reading...


  1. AMBAR, THANKS again for the link! I did it too, sooo now I have to wait and see what happens!
    OMG! I'm PMS-ing too! ALL I want to do is SLEEP too! ( I keep checking for a FULL MOON because that's when the WEREWOLF appears, if you know what I MEAN!) LUV YA!!!!

  2. LOOOOOOOL!!! you are so funny Gerri.. btw I love the moon, it's like we're in love or something, I just stare at it all the time when it's full.

    ps: I hope your blog is ready now!! :D


Hi loveys, thank you so much for commenting on my blog. It always makes me happy! Kisses XO