Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Malibu Beach

So for the finale of my purrrfect weekend, the honey and I [ok, actually it was his idea] decided to go to Malibu Beach. After a delicious breakfast [thanks honey!] and some preparing, hello I had to buy a mag for the beach we were on our way. We actally went to Zuma Beach, because I read it was better tee-hee. I haven't been to the actual Malibu Beach [Zuma beach is also located on Malibu] but I just know it's better, it felt better. Parking was a...hmmm.. let's just say it was an experience. Finding a spot was also interesting, it was FULL, PACKED, FILLED, JAMMED, SATURATED, REPLETE, ok I believe that by now you get my point. We were uber prepared with some chairs that serve as backpack and totebag as the same time. I will explain with a pic later. I just had on a white tank, denim shorts [ripped] , Gisele Bundchen Ipanema flip flops, my cowboy hat, and one of my favorite bathing suits, but it's just a shame that there isn't one single picture where you could truly appreciate it. Oh well... next time.

This is what I mean by prepared, we both looked like this. It was very much fun and beyond practical. These next pics I don't loooooove, but it's what I've got.
Extremely concentrated on my Elle mag.
You can see my freckles here.


  1. Aww i'm lovin the hat! It's been so long since I hit the beach, and i've always wanted to check out Malibu!

  2. I love the big glasses! You look great with them!!!

    Thanks for the link!

  3. Wow! That looks like sooo much fun, reading Elle and basking in the HOT SUN on a SEXY BEACH !!!
    p.s. That Hat is FAB!

  4. I am sun phobic. Well, really wrinkle phobic, ah ha, now that I'm no longer rockin the 20s, so I avoid the beach. But I just might have to hit it up before summer's over. You look gorg!

  5. @Nashe^ thanks!! I love it too, I wish I could wear it more without looking completely crazy!! and you should DEFINITELYY check out Malibu Beach.. it's just wonderful, of course not EVER as pretty as Puerto Rico tee-hee.

    @Antonio You're welcome and thanks!!! I love those shades ;)

    @Gerri thanks again my friend!!!!! and it was extremely fun :D

    @Kristin thanks & wrinkle phobic -> LOOOL, but that is good, you're probably gonna look better than the rest of us, sun lovers!! You can always use toooons of sunscreen + a wonderful hat like mine ;)


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