Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Think This: Blazers

In case you haven't noticed, I have a minor obsession with blazers. Problem is I don't own one... yet. You can see, though, that they are on my list of stuff that I want/need [on the right sidebar towards the bottom].

Here are my top five choices, I just really couldn't decide on which five to pick. I had to, otherwise I might end up with as much merchandise here that is on their website.






Oh God, this blazers are just so marvelous. They're so different too, I feel like I need one for casual outings, like that second one there; one for work, third one definitely!!! That first one is too cute, and the last one looks reaaaaally comfy. I want to wear it. Now.

What do you think?? Also, don't forget to vote on my poll [on the right sidebar at the top]. You're opinion really counts.


  1. I love the boyfriend blazer & the one from Mango! Blazer's are fantastic. I have this white one from Armani - which btw, you should check out their blazers. I feel like they have their tailoring/fitting done just right. Or if you have a Zara in your city, browse through their stuff. :)

    Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog. Looking forward to reading more of your posts! <3

  2. love the 2nd ;) recently i'm finding slouchy pieces more appealing!


  3. I just bought a cardigan, now I think I need a new blazer :)

    I love Armani ones!!

  4. Love the one at the top! I def need one for fall. And I'm glad someone agrees with me about there being NO GOOD FOOD out here, it's so true lol

  5. I love the first one its so perfectly structured x

  6. OMG! I luv 1,2 and 5 they're my fave but if it comes down to one, it'll be #1 !!!

  7. You are making me want to buy a blazer right now. These look awesome!


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