Sunday, August 9, 2009

August Chronicles Part I

So this is was Monday, August 3rd. I mean it is just the beginning of the month and it is already letting me now it is NOT my month.

So I had a few errands to do.. blah blah, I got up VERY EARLY IN THE MORNING, I'm not a morning person, but fine, whatever. I got dressed, took a couple of pictures to post them on my blog, as usual.

Can you see, I'm even wearing a new bracelet, that I had custom made, but that's a whole other post. Well, I had just washed my hair, and when I went down the elevator, I let it down...and HORROR!!! Look what happened...


IT GOT ALL WET!!!! I was kinda just in time for my appointment, and this obviously looked horrendous [is this a word?] I keep asking that, I know, I'm nuts. Anyhow, I ran back up and wore this...

Boring I know, but hey I was in a hurry. After my appointment, I went to Walgreens, and all I kept telling myself was "Ambar, you CANNOT buy anything, other than what you need". So I went straight to the pharmacy counter, avoiding altogether all those tempting aisles filled with mags and makeup and nail polish.

So the pharmacist asks "Are you waiting for this?, Because is gonna be like 15 minutes". Panic started to take over, I mean 15 minutes to wander alone in Walgreens, and not being able to go over to the tempting aisles, what's a girl supposed to do?
I considered sitting down in the little waiting area, but I'm not a let's-sit-down-and-wait-kind-of-girl. So I went over to the safe aisles, you now, back to shool, toothbrushes and dental floss, Hallmark, that kinda stuff. And lucky me, look what I found, and all this goodies for less than $10. Please don't hate me that much.

I actually needed to buy two of these things: I was on a toothbrush hunt and I found 6, plus the paste and a the holder thingy for $5; also I needed to buy the wipes because as you can see here I was out of them. Now.... the tiny post-its, it was love at first sight. I'm a post-it whore and I can't go a day without scribbling something in one and posting it somewehere, usually in my own desk. This cuties were like 50 cents each! The Hallmark assortment for this cards is not too relevant, I mean, dogs + flowers? Really? But again, I couldn't resist the bargain, and I already sent out two [I love snail mail].

I went back home and TA-DA!... I had a package [obviously from my parents, love you guys!] and it was filled with FOOD. Yes, food from Puerto Rico that I've been craving FOREVER [I also have been begging them to send me some].

I mean, am I lucky or what? Guava paste, BREAD!!!! Oh Lord. Here are some pictures of me enjoying my food. Thanks folks, really! This definitely made my day.

PS: That's guava paste and cheddar cheese... 'DA BOMB!!

This was after all the eating, with my hair already dry.


  1. honestly, i was just gonna "drop by"
    but i found myself reading the whole post, which was absolutely cute and fun.
    haha totally getting the temptation at walgreens.
    Keep up the great stories,
    i'll visit again:]

  2. Yay for yummy food and glad you were able to change, sorry the first shirt got wet!

  3. Thanks Sang, Everything's tempting at Walgreens hehe.

    YAY!! Food!! I just had some of that paste like 3 mins ago. Love it. And as for the shirt, I'm pseudo glad, I think I looked better with the longer top.

    Kisses, XOXO


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