Tuesday, August 18, 2009

He said, She said....

Ok, it's more like His pics, My pics, but that didn't sound like such a good title. So this is actually a What am I Wearing post, except I decided to change the name, for this once. Basically what happened was that I took pictures, and then he took pictures. I'm not even going to try and make you guys guess which ones are mine and which ones are his, because it is pretty obvious. Here they are [this ones are mine obviously]. Like I tried in the past few posts, I didn't shrink them so that you could see the outfit better. Sorry for the mess of my room :/

There you go...a whole bunch of messiness in the room and not one single good picture, oh well. Steve Madden booties, skirt from a lil' store around the corner [SORRY!! I can't remember the name either, I think it's something like hi-fashion or something like that, regardless it was $17], black tank top from Victoria's Secret, white tank top [it was pink before the first wash] from Wet Seal [99 cents!!!!] and my beloved waistcoat that I got at the same store I bought the skirt but can't remember the name. Tee-hee. Long pearl necklace from Francesca's Collection and the black rosary and matching bracelets from Natalia's Prestige [my friend who also happens to be a designer] and some of the bangles that I got from an artisan in Puerto Rico a few years ago.

Now here are his pictures....
What a difference!!! Just added my Ralph Lauren shades. So, I went to work dressed like this, I know! And after I picked up the honey to go to Cherry on Top, my newest addiction, I also love how the name sounds X rated. It's a yogurt place, no wait, it's yogurt paradise. The location could also double as a club/lounge, yeap it is that amazing!!! Sneak peek below.
I just love this chair!


  1. Girl, I am SO jealous of your shoes, haha. They're so awesome!

  2. Your entire outfit is AWESOME from head to toe !!!
    p.s. That really is a COOL chair, luv the color!

  3. Thanks Lizz!!!

    @Gerri... I wanted to steal that chair!!! lol joking! And thanks!!!

  4. I love that green chair, too. They're great for posture.


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