Friday, August 28, 2009

My Favorite Sets of the Week - #9

I really need Fall clothes, due to the fact that I have none, zero, zip, NADA. Ok, maybe I have a coat and some leggings, but that's it. Aaaanddd they're so last season, literally! UGH!! Enough venting for today, here are some really nice sets for all of you to enjoy.

I want that dress from the first one, and don't even get me started on the shoes! What do you think about the dress? Too much? Because I think it's purrrfect! I know that last week, I used a set that had the same skirt that's on the second set, but the outfit is completely different, it's kinda romantic, but not really. Ok, I'm not making sense anymore, I know...moving on. The last set, is kinda simple, compared to what I usually post here, but I just had to I mean, it doesn't need anything else. PS: I love the boots! I love the combination of the baby blue with the caramel of the boots, and the bag is black!! Everybody knows how much I love the whole brown + black combo.

So, that's it for this week's sets. Do you have Polyvore? If so, feel free to add me! The link is on the Polyvore widget thingy on my right sidebar.



  1. I love that you titled your Google translator "No Excuses".


  2. OMG! I need clothes for FAll too! It never fails I buy more in the SUMMER and by the time FALL comes, I'm screwed! I sure would luv to have all of the FAB SOLES, BAGS, and what the HECK, I WANT EVERY FAB ITEM YOU HAVE POSTED!!!!:)

  3. @Lilu...oh yeaaa!!!! XO

    @Gerri... LOL you're amazing!!!! We need to go shopping together.. that would be sooooo fun... Kisses!!! XOXO


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