Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What am I wearing?

In Movement

I realize that these pictures are very different from the ones I usually post, but my boyfriend took these ones. He was taking pictures of me as I walked to the car, hence the movement.

Talk about shutter mode, there's like a bazillion more pics and you can actually see me walking to the car, and dropping my purse inside, I didn't wear this bag. I used a little clutch that was inside this big one.
I'm sorry it's wrinkled.
I love this last one, it was two seconds after he said "don't laugh". As if! Ok, back to the clothes, I love this dress!!! and I've had it for a couple months now and I just hadn't worn it yet. Why? Don't ask me, I dunno. I also can't remember where I got it from, but it was under $25 for sure! I just decided to wear the bow on front instead of in the back like it is supposed to. The booties are Steve Madden, and the blue ring, we're all familiar with already is from Francesca's Collection, some of my bangles are from Aldo [the ones with studs] and the other ones are handmade from an artisan in Puerto Rico. On my other arm, I had a silver cuff that was also from an artisan in Puerto Rico.
Excuse me for writing such a never-ending-post, but it seems as though I can't stop typing. This marvelous outfit was worn on Friday to the movies. We saw The Time Traveler's Wife...ah-ma-ZING!!! The movie started at 7:30 and by 6:45 I was still in bed reading all your blog posts, so I ran into the shower and pulled my hair up, so that it wouldn't get wet. Got dressed, accesorized and left, that's why I have a crazy updo. I also went with 0 eye makeup because I knew I was going to cry my heart out, and no one looks good with mascara trails down their cheeks.

Back to the movie, amazing!!! AMAZING, AMAZING! Both their performances are breathtaking and it is just soooo romantic. I'm not gonna spoil it for anyone, but I do recommend it, so if you haven't seen it yet. Go NOW.


  1. Hohoho, sexy poses :D Btw, I thought I've said that before, you are so stylish.. hihihi ^^

  2. Ambar, You are too Gorgeous and solely FAB!
    I luv these photos!!!

  3. Oh Gerri, you're such a darling!!! You truly make my day!!! Thankssss =)


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