Monday, August 31, 2009

The Ugly Mug

This is one of those posts, that you're supposed to write but never do, or take a really long time writing. Well, this is the type that took a long time writing, not because I've been writing it, just because I couldn't get around to it.

I went to The Ugly Mug before I went to the concert, and I already blogged about that. a lot. The story starts like this. I'm at Barnes & Noble with the honey, and we see this message about some open mic poetry reading thing, and we're both like ok, sounds cool, and it's free, so we're there!

Went there, loved it, it was amazing, the most magical thing EVER, and not so much the poetry although that was amazing too, but the location...*sigh* simply breathtaking, I didn't even took pictures because I didn't want to miss a second of it, [also, didn't want to look like a freak].

At the end, everybody was taking about how the next "local" reading was at the ugly mug and how cool the place was and being the crazy couple we are [ok, not really but that sounds cool] we grabbed the little itinerary they had there for stalkers people like us, and put it on our calendar.

WOW! I had never been in a city like that one before. I wanted to move right that instant. Everything was vintage. We didn't know if the place we were headed to was a bar, or a restaurant, or a coffee shop perhaps?..It was a coffee shop. It wasn't as good a poetry reading as the one at Barnes & Noble, it wasn't free, the coffee was OVERPRICED, but it was amazing, does that make me crazy? Yes Probably. Here are the pics.

This was at Barnes & Noble when 
we decided to become open.mic.poetry.reading.freaks. 
[I'm the one with the converse].
This is the honey at the Ugly Mug. 
[Everything looked like this, isn't that cool]. 
Isn't it really unfair that I'm not in ANY of the pictures?!?!?! I'm suing somebody, LOL joking!


  1. Glad you had fun, next time have your honey take some pics of you!!

  2. OMG! I'm sooo JEALOUS! That LOOKS like sooo MUCH FUN!!!!:)

  3. @Nashe^ thanks!! =)

    @OceanDreams, thank you!! and yes I will! [writing mental note now]

    @Gerri, LOL, thanks!!!! it was really fun! can't wait to go again


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