Wednesday, August 19, 2009

101 Goals in 1001 Days

I thought I was never going to finish this list. I got inspired to do it a while ago [couple of weeks now] and have been trying to get to the 101 ever since. However, while doing some research looking for more inspiration [I was stuck at #54, seriously!] I found out that this is actually a project. It is called Day Zero and you can read all about it here.

Just to let you know, italics or bold don't mean anything they're just there for dramatical purposes [meaning it doesn't mean that I've finished the goal or anything]. As I finish my goals, I will however, strike them out like this, and blog about them, post pictures etc.

Start Date: August 20, 2009
End Date: May 17, 2012

  1. Finish school.
  2. Get a dog.
  3. Explore the city I live in [whichever one that might be].
  4. Excercise on a REGULAR basis.
  5. SAVE money [$1,000 on my savings account].
  6. Get a job and get promoted.
  7. Take a Bikram yoga class.
  8. Go to a play.
  9. See the ballet.
  10. Call a different family member each week for 3 months. (0/12)
  11. Take the bus to go somewhere.
  12. Go to the salon every 3 months to cut my ends.
  13. Ride my bike at least twice a month for 3 months. (0/6)
  14. Bake a cake for a special occasion.
  16. Finish all the books I have at home, before buying a new one [If it's for school, it doesn't count].
  17. Get married, engaged, something!
  18. Make a scrapbook.
  19. Host a giveaway on my blog.
  20. Buy 5 different items from etsy. (0/5)
  21. Volunteer for something.
  22. Recycle.
  23. Learn how to cook soups.
  24. Go a whole day without turning my computer on [I can't use my bf's either].
  25. Buy a CD of a band/artist I really like.
  26. Try food from 3 different countries. (0/3)
  27. Get my own car.
  28. Go skydiving.
  29. Visit Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco and NYC.(0/4)
  30. See snow, touch it, feel it, photograph it.
  31. Visit a bookstore other than Borders or Barnes and Noble.
  32. Get a library card.
  33. Buy myself an expensive purse.
  34. Eat a salad every day for dinner for a week. (0/5)
  35. Take a photography class.
  36. Visit a lake.
  37. Do kareoke in public.
  38. Wear eyeshadow everyday for a full week. (0/7)
  39. Finish writing 100 Things About Me, and post it.
  40. Watch 10 foreign films. (0/10)
  41. Have a birthday party.
  42. Pay off my credit cards, all of them.
  43. Buy something antique/vintage/used and wear it.
  44. Read a biography book (suggestions welcome).
  45. Go to a club.
  46. Visit a country in South America.
  47. Have a picnic.
  48. Take the picture of 10 strangers. (0/10)
  49. Join a club/group.
  50. Visit 5 museums. (0/5)
  51. Spend a day relaxing at a spa.
  52. Read the newspaper everyday for a month. (0/30)
  53. Learn how to swallow pills.
  54. Write a poem and read it out loud to people.
  55. Go on a cruise.
  56. Tweet 100 times on one day. More info.
  57. Draw or paint something and post in on my blog.
  58. Go walking [for exercise] twice a week for a month. (0/8)
  59. Cancel my gym subscription already!!!!! Ugh
  60. Watch a silent movie.
  61. Visit 10 different movie theaters that I haven't been to before. (0/10)
  62. Go to the beach and get in the water.
  63. Spend an entire day in a different city just because.
  64. Blog about every time I finish one of these goals.
  65. Not buy ANYTHING for an entire month. Anything.
  66. Read 30 new books (again, suggestions very welcome). (0/30)
  67. Ride in a helicopter.
  68. Adopt a soldier.
  69. Try to get somewhere without using my GPS.
  70. Watch IMDB's top 50 movies. (19/50) More info.
  71. Have a Star Wars marathon and watch all 6 episodes back to back.
  72. Make one new friend.
  73. Join the Big Brother Big Sister program.
  74. Go eat at a fancy restaurant by myself.
  75. Buy a babydoll.
  76. Dress up for Halloween [in a costume obviously] and go out.
  77. Buy a new laptop.
  78. Buy myself flowers.
  79. Spend the whole day reading at a library.
  80. Spend a whole day in Rodeo Dr.
  81. Buy a Lakers jersey and wear it to a game.
  82. Print this list and take it with me everywhere.
  83. Buy a coloring book, crayons and finish coloring the book all by myself. More info.
  84. Get my own domain.
  85. Get a P.O. Box.
  86. Learn how to play Chess.
  87. Go ice skating.
  88. Go to 7 concerts. (1/7) More info.
  89. Go hiking.
  90. Take a romantic vacation with the honey.
  91. Learn how to do my hair [3 different hairstyles]. (0/3)
  92. Go to at least 3 Cirqe Du Soleil shows. (0/3)
  93. Buy 3 Cirque Du Soleil soundtracks. (0/3)
  94. Eat dessert after every meal for one week. (0/7)
  95. Get my own business cards.
  96. Keep cash on my purse (at least $10) at all times.
  97. Publish a video of myself on youtube.
  98. Learn how to play poker and play.
  99. Paint 3 more items on Color Me Mine. (0/3)
  100. Learn 10 new recipes [soups don't count]. (0/10)
  101. Finish all these goals, and then set 101 more goals to finish.
I hope all of you feel inspired enough that you also want to do it. If you do, please send me the link so I can check out your list. Kisses, and wish me luck!


  1. Inspiring list........ i hope you succeed. I have never made such a list.

  2. Wooow! This is a long list!!!
    I think you can finish them before 1001 days!

    the singular

  3. Lists make my world go around, lol. I have to constantly keep checking things off my post-its to make me feel like I'm getting closer to finishing set goals.

    This was awesome, and hey, if you want to learn one new recipe today (that's not a soup, lol), I have a delicious dessert recipe posted up. That could be your first. ;)

  4. I'm sure all of these are achievable if you put your soul into it...

    #54 Write a poem and read it out loud to people.

    I've done that!

  5. i love ur goals! they are really inspiring!!

  6. Great list!! I might have to steal a few :)

    A fellow 101er and I started an online community for people doing the 101 in 1001. We'd love for you to join! You can check it out at

    Good luck with your list! I'm looking forward to reading about your completed goals :)


  7. I feel very inspired, thank you for that! I think I will have to do this as well, I love lists!!!

  8. OMG! This is solely INSPIRATIONAL !
    I have to do this, Thanks sooo much for posting your FAB list and this great POST! - See this is why I luv your BLOG sooo much!- Kisses

  9. Hey girl, I really want to read the Gossip Girl series now because you seemed that serious about them, I'll let you know what I think! XOXO

  10. @Shabman thanks, and you should try :)

    @Antonio, WOW thanks!!! kisses

    @Archana, LOL, I love lists, REALLY! And I'm sooo heading over to your recipe right now, THANKS!!! and keep me posted on those ;)

    ps: Post-its ROCK!

    @Nashe^ Thanks!! And I've been going to some poetry readings lately and I really enjoy them, let's all hope I get inspired enough.

    @NB Thanks!!! and I hope everything is going well for you, friend.

    @Tara.. oh Tara you're the best!! I joined already, it's so cool that sooooo many people participate on this project, I just had no idea. Thanks again for all your help ;)

    @OceanDreams, I'm glad I inspired you, I think everyone should try it, just for the heck of setting goals and working towards them. And yes!!!! you should read the books, jaja sorry for all that venting on your post. But, good thing is that I read them lik e6 or 7 yrs ago and I got them really cheap [aheem, amazon] so they might be even cheaper now, I dunno.

    @Gerri.. you're solely ah-ma-ZING!!! thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! Kisses!!! XOXO

    Luv everyone ;) thanks for all the comments, you guys make my day! <3

  11. So interesting..I'm rooting for you! I have a few of those on my list too. :)

  12. @Lisa...Thanks!!! I saw "get a library card" on a few lists and it was surprising/relieving at the same time. I thought I was the last human being on Earth without one of those. LOL

  13. Good Luck!! looking forward to reading about your accomplishments!! Definitivamente tu blog me tiene super jukia'!! Aunque no lo creas u've inspired me a muchas cosas with it... =) keep up the good work!! Se te extraña!!!

    P.S. me acuerdo q te tomabas las pastillas con mantecado en la cafeteria!! LOL

  14. Miled, eres la mejor chika, no sabes lo mucho que me algera que te guste el blog, enserio!! Gracias por el apoyo!! =)

    PS: todavia me las tomo asi!!! jajajaja shhhh

  15. Mi amor!!!!! Te falto una sola cosa! Volver a asistir a un simposio de la mujer...
    Me haces falta!! Te quiero ver ya!!

  16. i can't figure out how to do the strikethrough on things i have completed for my list!! help!

  17. Emliiii que bella chika, siiiiiiiii!!!!!!! Besotes y abrazos!! XOXO

    @Susan, do you know any HTML??? the code is strike. I don't know which version of blogger you are using, but it's right on the top bar thingy where you write your posts, it's the icon with the letters striked out. If not, use the code, and you know open and closing tags.

  18. Amazing list, currently make one of my own, best of luck to you!

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  20. This list is great! Some fun stuff on there! I'd love to see the progress you've made to date. I have a similar list of my own:
    Your list inspired me to add a few more things to it.

  21. Love your list! Good luck with getting it all done. I did a much smaller version of this on my site. I set 4 New Year goals which I'll be updating periodically:

    XO Piper

  22. Great!!! I will be definitely checking those out Piper, and Miss Journey, I'm so glad that I inspired you =)


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