Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm Craving List

I think it's time to update the good 'ol "cravings list" [you know, the one here on my blog]. Remember the last time I updated it??

Well, my old list had:
  • Clogs I'm over it
  • Blazer I found the perfect one, pics soon, maybe.
  • Chunky Sweater I definitely don't need it anymore
  • Oxfords Never liked them on me
  • Leather Jacket I think we all know about that one already :) [pics here and here]
  • Red Lipstick I'm kinda unsure about this still
  • Cowboy Boots Also, over it
  • Leopard Flats If you know of a cute pair, let me know
  • Ripped Jeans Over it too
My new list includes [so far]:
  •  A red dress
  • White Jeans
  • One-piece Swimsuit
  • Reetone
What's on your wishlist???

    Wednesday, May 26, 2010

    What do YOU think?

    More than one pair of the same shoe?

    I've probably talked about my obsession with these shoes before, but I have to know. Do you think that owning the exact same pair of shoe in different colors is weird? I mean they are comfy, and I do like them. Is that wrong? Should I just go for another style? I stopped at three. But I remember having to literally stop myself from getting the black ones in patent leather, remember?

    So what do you think?

    All pics from here.

    Monday, May 24, 2010

    Blog Update

    No literally, this is what I've changed in the good 'ole blog so far.

    New banner

    New "about me"

    In my 20s. In love. Puerto Rican. Moved 3,000 miles away from home. Lived in LA with my boyfriend. Came back for school. Still in love. Making it work long distance style. Major shoe obsession. Love writing randomly on notebooks. Obsessed with making lists. Only child. Capricorn. Learning Italian. Discovered a passion in blogging. Can’t live without a calendar. Coffee addict.

    I think those are the biggest changes so far. Well, blog related anyway. I also changed the layout to make it wider. I moved the elements around. I too closed my "shop". I realized that I had no time to take pictures and post them and all that. However, I'm forever thankful to those of you who supported me with my mini project. With the move, I gave away hundreds of dollars worth of clothes, shoes and accessories. I wanted to sell them, but seriously NO TIME. I liked that button so much, that I changed it to Ambar's Thoughts. So basically, now I have two. You get to select your fave. Speaking of buttons, I know there's a few that I have yet to add, I haven't forgotten, and also a couple of awards that I won, and haven't even thanked the bloggers for. All of that is coming.

    I really want to keep doing "What am I wearing" posts but due to lack of a photographer :(   well... I dunno if I'ma be able to do it. Maybe I can convince my dad?? LOL We'll see.

    Regardless, I have big plans, and a full agenda people. So get ready!!!

    Besos, XOXO

    PS: Did I mention that it's like 300 degrees in here. NO?? Well it is!

    Sunday, May 23, 2010

    I'm Here...

    This is a long, overdue post, and a very hard one to write, actually. But I'm here, in Puerto Rico, home.

    I took an unplanned, blogging vacation and I'm really sorry for not letting anyone know, but like I said it was  unplanned. It sort of just happened. I suddenly only had a few weeks left in LA to pack, do a million errands and most importantly spend precious time with my honey.

    I wish I could express how I feel, but basically it's as if I were hot and cold at the same time. I've never had such mixed feelings about anything in my life. I'm happy to be home and see my family but OMG so sad borderline depressed that I'm not with my boyfriend and that twe're 3,000 miles apart.

    The question in everyone's mind must be WHY? And the answer is ... I made the decision of going back to school.  Hardest decision that I've made so far, but I stick to it. I want to say that I left a piece of my heart in LA, but I would be lying I left my heart there. The whole thing.

    Enough of that, or I'm gonna turn into a big ball of tears. Good news is that I'm here, I have internet YAY!!! And I'm blogging.

    Before leaving, I had made some changes and tweaks here and there on the blog and I'll talk a bit about that on another post.

    Expect full-on blogging from June on.

    PS: From my last post, you guys were right. I got extensions, thanks for all the compliments. Wait till you see my new look.

    Miss you so much! XOXO

    Picture from here.

    Thursday, May 13, 2010

    Hi guys

    I know I've been horrible. Not one single word in what feels like a LIFETIME!!! But I'm going through some stuff... nothing bad, but BIG. So meanwhile I can't even blog. First cause umm I don't have internet at the place that I'm currently living and second, cause well I can't quite figure out how to start. So many feelings and emotions..etc.

    I miss you all so, SO much!!! It's unbelievable, I feel like if I hadn't spoken to my friends in a while jaja. Well... I'm off to my place so, I'll leave you with this picture of me taken during my weekend in San Diego [2 weeks ago]. I'll give you 5 points if you can tell me what's different....

    Besos!!! XOXO

    Saturday, May 1, 2010

    Saturday Images

    Yes, I do realize that this is the most random sets of pictures ever, but whatever. Apparently, I'm into collarbones, cats, spinal cords and Johnny Depp [I'm only into him sometimes, so you really gotta take advantage of this situation].

    Anywhoddle, there's some stuff I wanted to talk to you guys about, but I guess it'll have to wait until Monday when I come back from San Diego. Expects some pics.

    Also wanted to thank ALL of you for your comments.. jaja they crack me up, and make me feel so, SO happy always!!! Thanks for the support XOXO

    PS: Holla to the new followers =)

    All pics from here.