Monday, May 24, 2010

Blog Update

No literally, this is what I've changed in the good 'ole blog so far.

New banner

New "about me"

In my 20s. In love. Puerto Rican. Moved 3,000 miles away from home. Lived in LA with my boyfriend. Came back for school. Still in love. Making it work long distance style. Major shoe obsession. Love writing randomly on notebooks. Obsessed with making lists. Only child. Capricorn. Learning Italian. Discovered a passion in blogging. Can’t live without a calendar. Coffee addict.

I think those are the biggest changes so far. Well, blog related anyway. I also changed the layout to make it wider. I moved the elements around. I too closed my "shop". I realized that I had no time to take pictures and post them and all that. However, I'm forever thankful to those of you who supported me with my mini project. With the move, I gave away hundreds of dollars worth of clothes, shoes and accessories. I wanted to sell them, but seriously NO TIME. I liked that button so much, that I changed it to Ambar's Thoughts. So basically, now I have two. You get to select your fave. Speaking of buttons, I know there's a few that I have yet to add, I haven't forgotten, and also a couple of awards that I won, and haven't even thanked the bloggers for. All of that is coming.

I really want to keep doing "What am I wearing" posts but due to lack of a photographer :(   well... I dunno if I'ma be able to do it. Maybe I can convince my dad?? LOL We'll see.

Regardless, I have big plans, and a full agenda people. So get ready!!!

Besos, XOXO

PS: Did I mention that it's like 300 degrees in here. NO?? Well it is!


  1. Get a tripod, then you won't need a photographer. :)

  2. you're back in PR?! wow!!! that's a HUGE change. congrats on going back to school. that's awesome! hope everything works out.


  3. Love your new blog banner sweetie and hope school and everything is going well for you, xo!

  4. I think it's great you're back in Puerto Rico. Pictures of the place, please! :D

  5. sis if u need the photographer im here! starting today wear an awesome outfit for my bday! im so glad ur back love u forever sis!

  6. I like the changes! :) I am super excited to see what the future holds for you girliE! Can not wait to be along for the ride with you! :)

  7. Its been 10 years aince the last time I went to Puerto Rico. So sad.

    Have fun! :) And congrats on going back to school!

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