Monday, August 31, 2009

Get the look for less... a lot less

We're talking $4,693.20 less to be exact. I put up a set [on Polyvore] of course, that shows you can still look red carpet gorgeous on a budget. Here are the outfits, I mean can you even tell which one is expensive and which one isn't??

They're both very simple, yet elegant. Obviously not one of my best sets, but it proves a point. I wanted everyone to be able to see both items on the same set, so they could properly compare. Still in shock? Check this out.

Outfit on the left:
Dress: $2,625
Shoes: $605
Clutch: $175
Earrings: $325
Bracelet: $805
Pendant: $365
Total: $4,880

Outfit on the right:
Dress: $16
Shoes: $49
Clutch: $49
Earrings: $25
Bracelet: $7.80
Pendant: $40
Total: $186.80

Yea, I know all of you want to go shopping with me now... kidding [although, if you do, please e-mail me]. It was really fun to put up the set together, and of course you can click on it, or go here directly for all the details if you want to buy one of the items.

Any thoughts?????


  1. sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I added your link to my blogroll now :)

  2. I always say to my friends... you don't need just money to look good!

  3. wow! realmente no sabia cual era el caro!!!! =O

  4. Ummm. What a deal! Go for the right, duh?! Thanks for the sweet comment about my bad day love and also for the into to start my own URl - maybe in the near future. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. OMG! That's AMAZINGLY FABULOUS for $186.80, I want it!!!!:)

  6. That's a really superb work with the polyvore!
    The exact same look but with much different price, what a great finding.


  7. wow! thats an amazing comparison!! :)

  8. @betty, Aww thanks dear.

    @Antonio, I know!!! That's really good advice ;)

    @Miled, ajap identicos!

    @OceanDreams, Awww no probz, thanks to you for the cute comments <3

    @Gerri, I know!!! who wouldn't???

    @Tigerlily, thanks!!! it was sooo fun to find the items, although it took a lil' while

    @The Bargainista, thanks!

  9. That's the best spree/budget comparison I've ever seen. :)
    I LOVE the shoes. I always like elegant suede courts.

    Florrie x


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