Friday, December 11, 2009


I'm not gonna lie, I had to look up in the calendar the date we went. It was October 18th. OMG, I couldn't even remember which month, I was like October.. naw August. No wait October. Aaaaanyways I looove Cirque Du Soleil. I went to La Nouba when I was like 14 and I loved it. And the soundtrack to Dralion is one of my fave CD's ever. I really wish I could see them all. Or at least Ka, the one about the Beatles, the water one, the forest one, the adults one. You know what I mean. I really like them. So as soon as I learned that they were gonna come to Santa Monica I knew I had to go.

The decision was actually a tough one cause we had already bought or tickets for the Wisin y Yandel concert which was the weekend before and ya know we're not rich, but we made it work, and boy am I glad! Here are some pictures of us.

[That's us up there]

[A very nice lady took our picture, well both of them. She
insisted we needed another one, cause the first one was dark.]

The theme for this show was circus and it was very classic in that sense. You know clowns, acrobats, clowns, clowns, clowns. I'm not a BIG fan of clowns, NO, I AM NOT AFRAID OF THEM. Is just that they're kinda pushy sometimes, and the ones from Kooza were no exception. If you thought that by having a seat on the very back of the tent you were going to be "safe", you're wrong! You could get called onto the stage from anywhere!!! And being that this has happened to me, I don't like it. Thankfully this Kooza clowns ignored me. Wheew!

Here are some pics of my favorite acts. You couldn't snap pictures inside so I grabbed all of these from Google.

Those guys up there in that huge ring [or whatever it's called] W O W! The were just basically defeating gravity in a very cool/artsy way. WIN. The couple in the unicycle, at first I thought wth bo-ring! But oh my!! It was everything but boring, very very interesting how they both stayed up there and kinda danced in PERFECT sync without falling or anything, another win. And of coursy, the contortionist girls... JAW DROPPING! That's the best description that I can give. One of them did a little exorcism thingy there and the whole place went ballistic. It was amazing, I cannot even describe what she was doing. I guess you just had to see it [No wonder they don't allow cameras inside].

All in all, it wasn't my favorite, but definitely worth seeing, does that even make sense? I hope you still enjoyed my very late review of it. You can check what I wore here.

PS: Thanks a LOT for all your sweet comments, tweets and support when I'm not being my besty blogger that I can be. Kisses to all of you. You're the best people EVUR!


  1. That looks like so much fun!!! I have always wanted to go. And I don't like clowns either, but because I DO think they are creepy.

  2. ooh fun fun! cirque du soleil is quite amazing. i saw O a couple years ago and was completely awestruck.

  3. WOW! This had to have been a TON OF FUN!
    p.s. I agree Clowns are solely PUSHY that's why I never liked them either!
    Have a FABULOUS and EXCITING weekend!

  4. I'm glad you forked out the money for this! It looks amazing, and stuff like this don't come out very often!

  5. so cool my friend went to this and loveddd it!!!!

  6. I am a Cirque LOVER!!!!!!!!!! The show looks amazing!

  7. I am so glad that you enjoyed it, it is super duper truper amazing!!!!! Cute picture of you two as well!

  8. How fun! Cirque is soooo crazy amazing!

  9. I have seen Cirque and LOVED ♥ EVERY minute of it. Can't wait to see it again with the kiddos this time :)-

    P.S. I dare you to check out my blog...there is a surprise awaiting you!!!

  10. I haven't seen Cirque du Soleil in so long and i would love to see it again. You're reminding me how amazing it is!

  11. you got a shout out on my bloggie today!!!!!

    luvs u!

  12. Hi lady love, giveaway at my place if you get a chance to stop by with all of this Christmas madness. Miss you!

  13. I am so jealous! I would love to see that show and OMG! Winsin and Yandell!? I love them :)


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