Friday, June 12, 2009


Many people don't know what it means to make a sacrifice. However, sacrificing means a lot, at least it means a lot to me, and not because I'm a martyr, but because in doing so, I've found rewarding outcomes.

I've sacrificed many things, from being with my family, and friends, to my social life, and my style, among others. But RELAX I'm about to tell you the SECRET of how I did it. How I found something positive and good in everything that I changed in my life.

Did I mention that I also sacrificed CLOSET SPACE???? I know.....


As you already know, I live with my boyfriend in SoCal, which means I live pretty far away (say a few thousand miles) from my parents. SAD!! I know. Positive reward: My relationship with my mom has gotten better (no need to fight anymore over curfew, YAY). And I just appreciate them a lot more than I used to when living there, I LOVE YOU DAD! You get to see the other face of the coin, which is the sacrifices that they made for you.


There is no point in explaining how this feels, is just horrible. Not knowing anybody, not having anybody to share a laugh with, to recap after some event, TO GO SHOPPING, to do your hair and make-up when you're going out, and all the infinite things girlfriends do together. Positive reward: My boyfriend and I have gotten closer and more intimate on a friendship level. Yes, we were good friends before, but now he is MY BEST FRIEND in the whole wide world. Do I still miss my friends? Each and every second, but we're still friends no matter what and that is also pretty rewarding itself. Knowing that even though we haven't been together in ages, we can call and be like nothing happened, like we are still going to see each other in the morning. I love you crazy friends of mine =).

Social Life

I know what you're thinking, "she already talked about her friends." I know! But my social life used to be so much more than just my friends, it was a culture, or should I say sub-culture that involved anyone who just wanted to party and have a good time, alomost on a daily basis. Was that good? For me it used to be perfect, but it also happens that my grades were NOT. Positive reward: I have a LOT more time to concentrate on my studies (something I should have done a long time ago). Also, I can save more money, since I don't have to spend it on admission tickets to parties plus the new dress, shoes, bags, and accessories you see? Also, who has the energies to go out after a day of work and school? I seriously don'y know how I did it. I'm not gonna lie here, sometimes I feel a little weird like you know all of my peers are out partying and I'm stuck at home cooking and doing laundry, but I just tell myself that I already partied enough and that it was great and I have great memories and even better pictures. Take THAT social life!!!


Now, don't you go thinking that I am one of those women (no offense!), who will change her wardrobe completely just to be with someone. What I did was just a few alterations so that boyfriend here wouldn't have a heart attack every time I walked out the door. Plus, is FREEZING in California, whoever said it's warm in here, invented one of the biggest lies in the history of time. But like I said, I toned it down with the miniskirts a little bit. Positive reward: I still love them and now it makes me feel ultra special when I put them on. Regarding my style, well I barely put on makeup. Hello!!! nobody knows me here remember? Positive reward: My skin is actually behaving like it should (it's being nice to me and all, but don't tell anyone). I look more natural, which I really like and it saves me a couple of minutes in the bathroom at night trying to remove the makeup. Did I mention the money I get to save too??? Amazing.

Professional Life

This is something nobody should EVER sacrifice for anybody. Something I learned the hard way. But let's just say I made my career an even bigger challenge. Now I have to manage school, work and my personal life all at once. Positive reward: It DEFINITELY prepares you for the real world. I should just be glad that I started doing all this at the age of 20. But to all of you out there who can still put your studies first, KEEP it that way. You'll thank me and yourself later. It is hard, really hard to do all at once. It takes time to learn how to prioritize and hopefully we will all get it right, and I include myself because I am still learning from these tiny little mistakes. Oops

Free time

You must be going like "Finally!! this poor girl has some free time to relax, watch TV, listen to some music, watch movies, etc..." It would be a perfect ending to this post execept that I absolutely hate (OK, I'm trying not to say this word as much, but there's no other option) TV. Which brings us to a very interesting point in couples' lives: sharing, listening, being one, instead of two, and SACRIFICING. This means having to ponder what we are going to do with our free time, not an easy task when we have absolutely opposite tastes in pretty much everything. I will not bore you with the details of what we like and dislike, but I will tell you this: if we can sacrifice more obviously important things *cough* school *cough* for the one we love, what does it hurt to listen to his favorite music for a little while? Or to watch a movie he really wants to see, even though you would rather go sit on a cactus? I am pretty sure I don't have to tell you what the positive reward is anymore. Because is just having each other, no matter what; being together and learning from each other how little sacrifices bring you GREAT happiness.


  1. me encanta! sabras q me hiciste llorar y me pusiste a pensar mas en cosas q estoy pasando... he decidido tomarme un Miled time... y dedicarme a las cosas q realmente importan... thanx!

  2. awwwwwwww q bella chika!!! y envd q si, hay cosas que son importantes pero no son prioridad ;)


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