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Designer Interview - eNTROPY

Interview with designer Guillermo Cummings for the line eNTROPY.

I love finding new designers, and seeing what they're creating and learning how they're getting inspired. That's why we now have Designer Interview. I will be interviewing amateur designers and giving YOU the scoop on what they're doing and what's new. Here we have Guillermo Cummings for the line eNTROPY.

Since when have you been interested in creating/designing?

Well to be honest I never saw myself as a designer till a few months ago. I was always interested in illustration, comic book art and storyboarding. One day out of the blue I put up a random design for my fraternity and sister sorority. Suddenly almost everyone wanted a shirt out of it. I then started doing some small designs for other fraternities and sororities, usually the basics: the 3 Greek letters in the front and a catchy logo in the back. Eventually I got tired of that and inspired by modern t-shirts usually seen from Volcom, Quicksilver, Billabong etc. I decided to try something new and designed a modern looking design for my fraternity, after that people suggested I try my own designs. After a stressing search for a logo and name I decided on Entropy, and the rest is history.

How (and where) did you learn to design?

Well once again, I was always more intro illustration than actual design, so credit I guess has to go to my late uncle Amadeo Pino. He was an arquitect here in Puerto Rico, and he taught me the basic elements of drawing, and also my years at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where I learned how to work with composition and color theory.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I usually just put up the blank canvas and just free style it but once in a while usually when it comes to fraternity and sorority designs I use what I know of the organizations, and manipulate somethings to make them work. Usually colors or symbols they are known for. Also good friends who give me some critiques help a lot, as I usually see it one way, and others see it another.

Where do you want to go with this?

I would love for Entropy to become a top clothing line in the future, and mentioned in the same breath as Volcom, Quicksilver, Billabong, etc. Especially coming out of Puerto Rico, because we have such a strong surfing, and skating culture that is really untapped when it comes to local clothing lines. Globally it would take sometime but for now becoming well known locally is my main goal. I'd also love for people to see the designs as art just as they see it as fashion. Deep down I'm an artist not a fashion guy, this is all new to me and it came out of the blue. Also, while I may be starting out with shirts, the plan is to further down the line (soon but when possible) expand to pants, swimsuits, dresses, caps, hoodies, jackets and every apparel you can imagine.

Have you had any challenges while pursuing your goals so far?

Oh of course, just like with any venture there will be hurdles. The first one was the automatic fear if the designs were good, especially the female ones but luckily they all got 90% good feedback. Another one, especially in the economic crisis we are dealing with it is capital but slowly that is fading away. But the major challenge is the unknown, what will happen when this hits the streets, will it become profitable? Will it just be a one hit wonder? Will I be able to adapt to the ever changing styles? It's a risk but life is boring if you don't take those risks.

Do you have any advice for aspiring designers out there?

Ask for critiques, some artist hate having the work criticized especially from people who aren't artists but when you ask the people you're marketing too, its always good to get some feedback. While you may not agree, always remember we see the art/design/piece differently than anyone else does and usually a second opinion let's you see things you normally wouldn't. In the end though trust your instincts, we where born with them for a reason.
As told to Ambar for Ambar's Thoughts.

Here are some of my favorite designs from eNTROPY.

I particularly love this cute tank top.

Guillermo Cummings
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