Friday, July 24, 2009

My Favorite Sets of the Week - #4

Ok, I can't take it anymore! I cannot just choose one, so that's why this is now called My Favorite sets of the Week, instead of just set. No more talking, here they are.
Fairy tales never came true...
Fairy tales never came true... by yelly♥ featuring 1928 jewelry

Guess I'm not the fighting kind
Guess I'm not the fighting kind by yelly♥ featuring Antik Batik shoes
Green Day
Green Day by snowbell featuring Bottega Veneta bags
Untitled by KETSKA featuring Matthew Williamson

I know that the first two have the same color palette more or less, also that they're both from the same person but I really liked them both, I think that what yelly did on the second set [from the top] with the skirt and the blazer was amazing.

"Green Day" is completely captivating, all the different shades of green, even though they're all dark, hunter green makes the set fabulous, or is it because green is one of my favorite colors, hmm. As for the last one, what can I say, I would just wear that right now! The shoes are to die for, and just the mixture of gray and brown is something I cannot resist.

Good job ladies!


  1. Love your selections! Especially the two first.

  2. I NEED that blazer. End of discussion.

  3. omg I almost love every single items of the set #1,2,4 :D Good choice !

  4. OMG! I luv the Green Day, solely because Green is my fave colour,I just luv it, luv it, luv it and I luv everything about this post too!

  5. I love the 2nd set! WOW! you did such a great job!

  6. THANKS!!! I love all these sweet comments. You all make me feel wonderful. And YES! I absolutely adore these sets, they're amazing and all the clothes...*sigh*...2DF [To Die For].


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