Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Model Spotlight - Sasha Pivovarova

In my thoughts, this week is Sasha Pivovarova. Let's call her just Sasha for my tongue's sanity.

Sasha Pivovarova

Sasha is a Russian model, born on January, 1985 on Moscow. She is probably best known for her work with Prada. You can click here to learn more about her. I love her sweet face and how she looks like an angel. She also has awesome blue eyes, they look electrical.

Here's a Polyvore set featuring Sasha. There were so many, it was really hard just picking one, same thing with her pictures.


  1. I adore Sasha Pivovarova..one of my favourite models, she looks so stunning in the first pic! Thank you so much for adding me to your blog roll your such a darling..i will do the same..love your blog!x

  2. Thanks!!! your blog is also AMAZING!!! =D


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