Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Peter Facinelli

OK, I know Twilight  is everywhere between their fans, posts, magazines, tabloids, etc... but I HAD to do this!!!

Doesn't Peter Facinelli a.k.a. Dr. Cullen look ah-ma-ZING! in this pic? OMG I'm always so torn between Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team Emmet [I created that one, for my-very-own-amusement-purposes], now I'm thinking of going all the way over to Team Carlisle [just created that one too].

Also, doesn't he look a LOT like Tom Cruise in this pic? Sort of a younger version, but still, irresistible!


  1. I've never seen/read twilight :S oops. I guess I should since everyone's talking about it haha

  2. Yes! definitely, although I strongly recommend reading, [the movie's not that good you see]. I'm a BIG fan and everything, but you have to be realistic, it is NOT a good movie... sorry. But yea, you should read the books, at least to be on the loop with the twi-mania. They're also kind of for teens, though :).

  3. I dunno, I liked Rob ever since he was Cedric in Harry Potter #4 but the Rob in Twilight didn't appeal to me so much. I was drawn to Cam Gigandet though! (James the bad vamp)

  4. He looks super super HOTT! He actually reminds me of my crush in High School, who happened to be my English teacher. Ha ha!

  5. some kind of younger version tom cruise!
    tom cruise version 2 or tom cruise second edition ;)

  6. Yes, I totally agree, addicted to life, Tom Cruise 2nd edition, God is so merciful to us all!! XD

    AS for, Nashe^ I was also very in love with Rob on the Goblet of Fire, he was so cute and decent. As for the twilight boys, James was super duper UBER hot!! too bad he's not coming back in the next movies, LOL

    and OceanDreams, if I had had a teacher like that, I might still be in school!!! XD


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