Friday, November 13, 2009

The Honey's Naughty Shopping - Camarillo Outlets

I swear to God, I didn't buy anything there. But the honey did, buajajaja. I didn't even know we were going over there, so I just focused on his shopping rather than mine. He did get me a watch and a perfume.

You know the gold watch I've been wearing A LOT lately, you can see it here, here and here well yes it's the one the honey got me, and it's MK and I luuuuuuve it, DUH! And we totes have to go back there and get more watches. He also bought a MK watch for himself awwwwww. And that perfume.. OHMAGAWD. It is seriously HOT! I've had people ask me what is it, and I'm like hot, and they're like yea I know but what's it called. LOL [it's Ralph Lauren btw, I dunno if you can see on my crappy pic].

Alsoooo, I had a gold watch on my old I'm Craving list and he got it for me [not that he knew or anything] but isn't that just purrfect? And speaking of the honey, he was the one that I wanted to guest post on here you know for my super 100+ followers celebration, but apparently he has nothing to say about me, cause it's not like we live together or anything, or have been dating for 2+ years, etc. He still has NOTHING to write about. BOO! Please feel free to write extremely hateful comments towards him.

WOW!!! I've been meaning to post this since Oct. 18. Almost a whole month ago. This is what works does to you.

PS: I have a new poll going on so pleaaaaaaseeee vote on it [at the top of the right sidebar].

Happy Friday and kisses and hugs, or hugs and kisses, whatev.


  1. Oh he so needs to dish on you, bad BF! Ha ha, my BF would say the same, they like to stay away from the blog world, maybe it is better that way. ;) How sweet that you got you the watch though, so pretty and generous of him!

  2. jajaja I know!!! I asked him about a million times, and nothing :'(

    Oh well... jajaja at least I got that watch to brag about.. LOL

  3. Ahhh... I LOVE Ralph Lauren COOL.... and of course they don't carry it anymore! =( I have to do major searching to find a bottle.

  4. I seriously hate when they do that!!!!!! AGHH I hope they don't take this one away...

  5. Whootz! I used Ralph before but I think I'm more of an Escada person. LOL. And the one that I'm using is discontinued so basically I'm depressed. :\

    Did your poll!

  6. I just hope that you two take me there when I visit you this Xmas...BTW I'm the BF's mother!

  7. Oh gosh, he should at least say SOMETHING!Come on :)

  8. The Ralph Lauren perfumes are always my fav! Especially "Blue". But I tried to experience with other brands and... Brb, I think I'm going to buy a new bottle now.

  9. LOOOOOOL!!! that last comment... hilarity!


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