Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm Craving List

I don't know how many of you have noticed, but I have a wish list here on my blog. It is actually called "I'm Craving..." and it's at the bottom of my left sidebar. I am actually going to update it, and heck, why not share it??

Right now it reads:

Something Red I bought a red belt, but I don't know if that qualifies
Over-the-Knee Boots done and done!
Green Nail Polish been there, done that
Leg Warmers I'm not so sure I want those anymore..
Leggings I have enough to last me a lifetime
Denim Jacket I still want one
Boyfriend Jeans Don't need them anymore
Long Necklaces I think I'm OK with the ones I've got
Belts Got a bunch of those
White Jeans nawww, not a necessity
Waistcoat I bought one like 2 days after making this list
Hoop Earrings again, not sure, so NO
Brown Heels got them!! Gorgeous ones too
Brown Flats I got 2 pairs of black ones, so I'm covered
Gold Watch I think we all know about this one

Let's keep in mind that I made this list during the summer, so obviously, time to update. My new list is:

Chunky Sweater

Oxfords I'm dying to get a pair, or two!
Leather Jacket
Red Lipstick
Cowboy Boots
Leopard Flats
Ripped Jeans

I actually think this is it, I cannot remember anything else that I'm really craving at the moment. I'll add items when I start craving them, I guess.

What are you guys craving for this holiday season?? As you can see I'm all about keeping warm.

My birthday is coming soon so HINT HINT HIIIIIIINTTTTT.


  1. I love the way your blog is designed! Happy early birthday!

  2. Advance happy birthday sweetie. I hope someone surprises you with something from that list. =)

  3. Hope someone gets you the leopard flats! I have an awesome pair from J Crew (highly recommend them).

  4. Oh I def need a red belt + chunky sweater, as well!

    Happy early birthday!

  5. I so wish I could pull off red lipstick...never gonna happen!

  6. Yay for ur birthday!!!!!!
    yay ur in for secret santa! the deadlines this weekend!

  7. Happy Birthday in Advance...

    And hoping that you get all that you have on your wish list..


  8. I have not been able to find a blazer I like either! There are some cute ones at Urban Outfitters, though. Happy early bday!

  9. where'd you get your over the knees boots?!?! i'm kinda craving those too. eek! big step for me as i have the shortest legs EVER! lol.

    as for the they have tons and they're cute!

  10. Oh, I want red lipstick, too. My first choice is Guerlain - it's been on my wish list for a while now, but somehow I didn't manage to get it yet. :)


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