Saturday, November 7, 2009

Poll Closed...

This was the last poll that I had running on my blog. "Which weekly feature do you like best?" Well the options were, "What am I Wearing?", "Favorite Sets of the Week", "Designer On My Thoughts", or "I just read whatever you write". 


Fifteen of you voted [thanks!!!] and the results [which you can see above] showed that 46% of you [7 readers] prefer the "What am I Wearing" feature. YAY!!! I think this is my fave one as well. And 33% of you said that you would just read whatever I write. HUGS, KISSES and BEERS ... or wine to those of you. I only asked because I am really interested in knowing what you like and you don't like and obviously what interests you the most.

During the time that the poll was running I pretty much stopped doing all the other features but, the winning one, and I did notice some changes. Example, a lot of people land on my page when they google pictures of models, hmmm, go figure.

Anywho, I have a new poll, PLEAAASEEE vote on that one too. It is just a simple, yes or no answer, and the question is "Do you have business cards for your blog?"

Thanks again to all of you who voted. Kisses!! XOXO

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  1. Oh damn I missed this poll! Had I voted, I definitely would have gone for What Am I Wearing. I love seeing what my fellow fashionistas are wearing! xx

  2. crap missed that one!! shoulld i have business cards for my blog?! crazy!!! maybe one day! when i become famoso!!!!

  3. LOL!! "famoso" and yes Deanne, WAIW is my fave one!!! :D

  4. YES I want to know what you're wearing, keep it comin mama!

    A business card? I dont know, do I? Is that like a button...omg I am so confused hahaha!

  5. Is that like a button!! LOOL!!! Jajajajaja

  6. I must have missed this poll but I agree - I like your outfit posts, you hot girl you! XO!


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