Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What am I wearing? One Outfit... Two Ways

[my mirror needs some windex or I need 
to stop using so much body butter]

WOW, tons of pics here, but as you can tell, it's the "same outfit" worn two different ways, or three, whatevs. Anywhooddle, the top, which actually is a dress, from a boutique in Puerto Rico called Lulu, love that place! Then brown legging and a brown cami underneath to cover the goodies look appropriate for work. I had my MK watch, and some pearl accesories from Target. I was actually wearing it with my supa dupa hot brown heels that I freaking love, but you know, one gets tired and/or cold, so I had my flat boots to help me and my cardi thingy from Windsor to keep me warm. I did love feeling super tall, since these babies are 6 inches, YUPP 6!

PS: this pics are sooo funny and random, I love 'em. You can tell the honey cracks me up. LOL.

PPS: I kinda sorta just changed the "banner" of my blog, is kinda blah for the moment but better than nothing, whaddaya think??


  1. I think the banner is beautiful.
    And congratulations on winning the Coffee Cup Awards, you totally deserve it, you!

  2. awww thanxxx cupcake.... [inside joke]

  3. Ohhh I like it both ways! CUUUUTE! lol at cover the goodies...

    I know I miss you too! WTF is happening to us! LETS DO THE DANG THING.

  4. CUTTTE Girl!!! And love the new banner!!

    And your face in the 6th pic down cracked me up!! You are awesome! I've said it before, but I need someone like you to do my shopping for me!

  5. I cannot believe how cute your shoes are. I want those!! VERY cute outfit :)

  6. Nice shoes, lady!

    And I'm really digging the new banner :))

  7. Ambar you have such Fabulous style! You really are a FASHIONISTA and why YOU don't MODEl I don't know! YOU are solely Gorgeous and it's all NATURAL BEAUTY!:))

  8. cute outfit lady! and i love the new header!!!

  9. That dress has the most beautiful print! i love how you paired it with black pieces to make it pop!

  10. I really like your new banner and your outfit is very darling, I love love your shoes!

  11. Great shoes, i like how you composed the outfit.


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