Monday, November 23, 2009

My Weekend was Ah-Ma-Zing!

I usually don't do the whole weekend re-cap thing, cause umm yea my weekends are pre.tty lame [and it's also kinda late right now, but I have to do this, I feel like sharing all the amazingness]. I loved this weekend!!!! Ok let me start.. New Moon premiere Thursday at midnight.. wooooooohooooooo OMGG I felt like I had waited FOR.EVER for that movie [cause well I had] and it was great. Definitely loved that, even though I had worked 8 hrs that same dayyyyy and I was off like at 9:30.. so umm yea zero rest. It was directly from work to the line [that I had made the honey do since earlier, all by himself].

I loved it. period. Jacob is beyond hot, and I beyond love him.

Fast-forward [FF, not to get confused with follow friday] to Friday.. my day OFF! Hear that... o f f. So what did I do, I did nothing! Well for maybe except catch up on your blogs, and spend some time with the huns since he was working from home. I took time to wash my hair properly, put some hair mask on it, shave wherever hair needed to be shaved, [watched one of the slowest movies in the history of time, but Brad Pitt starred on it, so I didn't complain], etc...

FF to Saturday, a litlle bit of work, then... the huns took me out to dinner. There is this little restaurant that we always pass by, and we decided it was time to check it out. Ohhh emmm geee. It was perfect!!!!!! Everything was a 5 [out of 5], except the food, the main course only, I would give it a 3. The appetizers were BOMB!, and the wine yummy, and the place, the music, the service... OK I loved it. So they were doing this thing FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME where they had Latin music... HA! Needless to say, we danced our booties off all night long!!! Ok it was still around 12 amish when we came back but whatev. They had salsa, merengue and reggaeton, and some top 20 too. LOVED it!

[same similar outfit from this day 
I was in a hurry ok?]

[I also decided that couply was the word of the night
but don't we look couply???]

FF to Sunday, couldn't sleep due to the polar bear snores that my boyfriend was imitating TO PERFECTION!! [ok, so obviously I've never heard a polar bear snore, or even a regular, good 'ol brown bear] but I believe that it is LOUD AS EFF. So yea, got up at 5:20 am, tried to sleep until 6 am, gave up, and tried waking woke HIM up. Had to use some food bribes [real fact]. We went to iHop [love spelling it like that] and I tried the cheesecake pancakes... ohmycrazugodthatwasdeliciousriwantotitieveryday. Went back home, read more blogs for a few hours, and then IT HAPPENED. Some horrible neck pain decided to visit my neck, you're not welcome pain, NOT WELCOME! I basically couldn't look up and/or to my right side. I had work late on Sunday, so it was very, very painful to work like that. I also couldn't drive, let alone SLEEP. Boo pain!

FF to TODAY, Monday. Thankfully, by some crazy miracle, I had the day off. So, first thing in the morning I went to the spa so they could get rid of my "visitor". Oh my, I had forgotten how much I love spas. They're amazing, I love it when other people rub me while I'm naked professional therapists help me relax and de-stress. The lady was so sweet, and had a great hand, if ya know what I mean.

My to-do list was ginormous, cause I didn't do eff on Friday [my previous day off]. So I spent the whole effin day being a housewife on steroids. you know the kind who goes to Kmart, and Ralphs, comes home, and starts cooking, laundry, vaccuming, dusting, folding, organizing, swiffering at the same time. Yeap that was me. I may or may have not gone to the mall and squeezed a minor, tiny shopping in there, but who knows!! I guess I'll keep you wondering.

Annndd last but not least [evur] I attended an awesome virtual tea party for my honey D from Dream Sequins birthday. It was off the chain! You can check it out here. [Jajaja ok, I haven't had coffee since this morning, but I'm hyper [can you tell?] and I'm writing a super, duper long post, and I'm also being VERY sarcastic, and for some reason I want to talk like Chapelle, and I HATE that guy]. Also, one of my girls at Bon Bon Rose is celebrating another year of life, so go say happy birthday!! Love you guys XOXO.


  1. Oh your weekend does sound lovely! ANd you guys do look very couply!! I am so jealous about that night of dancing you had! but I think I made that very clear on twitter lol.... I so need a night of dancing!! So glad you had some time to enjoy!!

  2. LOOL!! I know. I felt like I was repeating myself, cause I basically do a blow-by-blow of what I'm doing on twitter.. hehehe

  3. Awww your weekend looks fun! Dude I need to dancing!!! You and your man are so cute!

  4. NICE looks like funnnnnn!!! new moonnnnn jacob=so fn hot!!!!!
    and i loveee that outfit!!!

  5. My my. You've been busy lady. And you look crazy gorgeous in those pics. I so need to be that housewife on 'roids today. It's not looking too good so far. Ah ha ha

  6. I know a lot of married woman who kick or shove their snoring hunnies until they roll over. My trick is to tell him to cuddle (spoon)with me and the snoring stops cause he is on his side and loves you more cause you don't abuse him!

  7. you and your man are so great together!!

  8. you are hilarious! this..."shave wherever hair needed to be shaved" made me LOL!

    sounds like a fun weekend to me. i worked 8 hours too before seeing new moon and was actually up for almost 24 hours that day, UGH! but so worth it!

  9. Ok, time for me to see this movie then - I saw Taylor on the tonight show last night - they had a clip of him doing martial arts @ 8 or 9 yo - he was SICK!

    You look so adorable Ambar!

  10. its amazing how many people switched teams for a few muscles. Gives all short guys in the world hope.
    love the tie dye dress.

  11. Glad you had such an aaaaammmmaaazing weekend lady, you deserve it! :) New Moon was certainly good, I agree! Glad the honey treated you to a nice meal and that you are a happy lady.

    So sweet of you to have a shout out for some of our blogger ladies! XO!

  12. OMG! YOU TWO are sooo PERFECT together!
    AMBAR, YOU are too GORGEOUS!
    p.s. What a weekend, I'm JEALOUS!:))

  13. You're a very beautiful girl.
    This is a very beauiful blog.

  14. i still havent seen this,
    i feel like the only one :/

  15. You're adorable...i think i laughed a few times reading this. Shave where it needs and a polar bear snoaring :)- Lol

    I want to go to a spa...invite needed H.E.L.L.O
    Haha...have a wonderful turkey week hun.

  16. Whoa, whoa, whoa, did you say CHEESECAKE PANCAKES? Brb, going to iHOP.

    You guys are a cute couple!

  17. YOU TWO are sooo PERFECT together!
    AMBAR, YOU are too GORGEOUS!

    Lingerie Indulgence


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