Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saturday Images...

... A story

So because I've been a lame ass busy busy blogger lately (true story), I will tell you a bit of what I've been doing/how I feel through the Saturday Images.

Let's begin...

Lately I've been very

however, I feel

Last night, the honey and I went

which reminded me of

Now, all I want to do is

but instead, I'll be doing this

Oh well at least I have this day off

I hope you're all having a great weekend. Thanks for all your comments as usual. You guys are ah-ma-ZING! Kisses!!

UPDATED: So apparently today is Sunday.. HA! go figure, and I'm sitting here like whoaa, I did my Saturday post early in the morning, only to find out that I actually did it a whole DAY LATE.. OMG... sorry 'bout that peeps.


  1. haha how clever to tell about your weekend through pictures =)

  2. love the pictures!! I am so jalous that you go to go Salsa dancing!! lol I need to find a good club cause I need to dance some of this stress away! It's the best way to destress..

  3. that turkey cake thingamajig is hilarious! i had to laugh and stare at it for a while.

    hope you're having a fabulous sunday darling!

  4. Great blog! I have to do this cuz it's embedded in my genes...PUERTO RICOOO!!! lol

  5. That is hilarious! you are so cuuuute! And i wanna go salsa dancing!!

    Ok, totally fine about going in Jan. That will let all the holiday madness calm the eff down anyway!! YAY!

  6. You are so darling! This post put a smile on my face - thank u for that!


  7. He he, loved this, good job with telling your story through the pics! Sorry about you having to work so much and maybe feeling a little blue? Hope you feel better and make it through the week...turkey day is just around the corner! XO!

  8. Woop woop for turkey day! I'm all about a day that revolves around chowing down. Ah ah. All I want to do is shop too, but I'm resisting the urge....for now.

  9. Lol. I love the pic with the finger puppets. So cute!

  10. oh my god, this totally made me laugh- i especially like the turkey at the end. happy early thanksgiving! x

  11. WoOo.. so cute Post... i dance salsa like youuu!!

    visit my blog & follow mee!! =;-D


  12. you are too cute!!

    i got my bracelets this weekend that i won from your giveaway and i LOVE LOVE them!! they are so different and fun!!

    thanks again- you rock!! :)

  13. lovely idea for a post. I really like your blog :)

  14. Aw this is so cute! And it sounds like you've been having a fun time :)

  15. AMBAR, your posts always MAKE me SMILE! THANK YOU!:))

  16. I love this post. It's so creative. Telling a story through pictures. That is so awesome Ambar! =)

  17. so cute!! ...that cake is awesome LOL Happy Monday!

  18. I need to find a good club cause I need to dance some of this stress away!

    Lingerie Indulgence


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