Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Love This Dress...

... and her of course. I saw these pics a while back and had to save them. I mean look.at.that.dress. Enough said.

[What's up with his roach bangs?]

I don't have cute boobies like hers but I love the dress. Sigh. Do you like it?

PS: I heard/read she wore this to the premiere of Dear John. I also can't remember where I got the pics from. OMG maybe?

PPS: I hope everyone had an amazing VDAY, my whole weekend was perfect just like my honey bunny. I love you!!! Pics coming soon

Kisses, XO


  1. That dress is definitely hot!!

  2. That dress isssss HOT. It would have looked hotter in red. but still the dress looks hot. I wish I could pull off wearing something like that.

  3. That dress is super hot! She totally pulls it off because she doesn't have like double D boobies busting out of it hahah. Glad you had a good vday! :)

  4. I've just discovered your blog and I love it!

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  5. Glad you enjoyed your time with your honey bunny and what a darling dress, I totally agree. Lol, her boobies are just perfect. I hope they didn't pop out, I wonder how they make those things secure in plunging dresses like this one!

  6. She totally works that dress and it's a great color. Glad you had a good VDay!

  7. I especially like the color. Soft yet striking. And yeah, seriously what's up with those roach 'bangs'?? Get rid of it!

  8. Hot stuff! Cute dress indeed and Channing ...swoon!

  9. that dress is very cute, you could wear it so much hotter than that OMG lol!!


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