Thursday, February 25, 2010

What am I wearing?

Sorry for the weird lighting in all the pics. No clue what happened.

["new" boots and bag]
The only thing I remember from this day [these pics are from early January] is that I had a doctor's appointment right after work, so I went dressed like this. As soon as I walked in, the youngest woman there, was at least 30 yrs. older than me. LOL!!! Everyone was looking at me like WTF is she doing here?? They were also eyeing my "delicate" bag confusedly.

That was also the 1st time I wore those boots. I love them!!

PS: Thank you guys so much for the comments on the last post, I definitely have some reviews coming up.

Love you all, Kisses XOXO

- thrifted top
- pearl necklace from Francesca's Collection
- Indigo Six jeans
- Nicole Lee bag
- Bakers boots
- Urban Outfitters vest
- Ralph Lauren sunglasses
- Target bracelets


  1. The boots are fine, but that bag has to be in my hands. AHORA, gracias.

  2. f'n adorable. those boots, that bag, i die. i want a vest too, i think that'll be a good transition from winter ick to spring fling!


  3. i love the bag OMG! its so cute lol

  4. LOVE the knotted pearls and those fabulous boots lady!

  5. great STYLE!!! i love YOUR BAG....nice blog! :D I LIKE IT!!!

    Follow my blog and I follow your blog:

    i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin ;)

    KISS ;*)

  6. nice boots and shirt! i just friend requested you on ifb, thanks for checking out my blog ! :) xxnicole

  7. gorgeous look! love the vest and boots! and you look like you've been getting into better and better shape too.

  8. Love this outfit and your boots and purse are darling!

  9. I meant where is it from.

  10. That bag is really sweet on you!! List your brand credits. We all want to know what you're wearing!!

  11. YES!!! In love with your bag! And I agree, it would be inspirational to read what brands everything is!


  12. looking snazzy miss ambar. love the way you're rocking them boots :)

  13. loves the bag and the red boots!!!!!!!!!!

  14. LOVE your boots!!! and your bag is so cute!


  15. nothing but a surf wear... California here i come :))))))))


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