Friday, February 19, 2010

Moo Mini Cards

This was probably one of the oldest drafts I had on my dashboard. Why? Cause I'm lazy as eff busy and hadn't had the time to take the pics. Remember when I asked you all  if you guys had business cards for your blogs? Well this is the reason.
I bought my mini cards at right after I purchased my domain. And if you're looking to get business cards, this IS the place.

I know some of you might have gotten one of them along with my Christmas cards or my VDay cards or out on the street after a few compliments/questions or whatever. But that's all of 'em. They're just text mini cards because quite frankly I couldn't decide on any pictures. And also, because I want to save the pictures for the business cards. Difference? They're bigger and have more info on the back.

[this is how mini they are]

But the point of this whole post is to tell you how much I LOVE MOO!!! I can't even remember when/how I found them. But boy, I'm glad I did. A pack of 100 is only $19.99 and the service is just excellent!!! [Since I've been working on the customer service industry, I think this is rather important.] You have sooooooo many options to choose from that it's just unbelievable. They also offer postcards, note cards, business cards, etc. I definitely recommend them. I heart them x 1000.

[Some of my faves]

You should also click here to see other bloggers who have mini cards. Hers are awesome!!!

Last three pics from


  1. omg those are SO SO cute!! seriously i want them!! i'm gonna have to go check them out!

  2. I like these!

    also i have THE hardest time coming to your blog when im at work. its beyond frustrating.

  3. Okay so THE WEIRDEST thing just happened.

    I was reading this post and thinking "Oh wow, I'd like to see one of those cards..." and right the next moment my mom comes home with the mail in her hands... and here I am now with your card in the envelope!!

    AMAZING. ^^ Gracias, amiga!

  4. this are defenietly very cool...I love getting them in my cards that you send!! :)

  5. these are so cute!!! what an awesome idea!

    xo anastasia b

  6. I loved seeing yours when I got my necklaces, such a cute idea and I definitely love that site too now!


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