Thursday, February 11, 2010

What am I wearing?

This is so old, that Christmas presents were still under the tree! LOL. Regardless I still love the look. It's very similar to this one, however these leggings have sequins, and this gray top [from Forever 21] is fitting and says Tres Chic. Worn with the same badass shoes and the same leather jacket, obvi for work.

Sigh. It's past 3 am and I'm here. Enough said. I have to be at work in 6 hours. So probably I should just stay up. Ugh I hate this. Ambien anyone? On a happier note, I did a set on polyvore. It had been months since my last one. I really do love it there.

PS: The leggings are virtually impossible to wash. FAIL.

PPS: Have you entered my giveaway yet???

Kisses, XO


  1. FIERCE!!! Those booties are HAWT lady.
    I did notice the presents and was like :)-

    Have a wonderful weekend. You look fabulous!!!

  2. OMG love everything about your outfit!! your booties are AMAZING and i love your leggings! meow!!


  3. OMG! those booties are so cute!! you totally rock them!!

  4. Unrelated but...I see candles in the room!

  5. OMG! are thoose presents ? lol, I Love the shoes, as usual and the legging are cute too bad they are hard to wash..:(

  6. soooo guess what? they have those shoes in my size now. guess who's buying them? ME!

    thanks for telling me about them. you look gorgeous btw. such a bad ass ;)

  7. love this outfit!!!!!!

    OMG uve never seen snow?!?!?!! when are u coming to ny!!!

  8. Those heels are figgin' amazing!

  9. Someone looks super badass! Love it! Those shoes are effing hot!

  10. You look hot hot and I hope you find a way to wash the leggings, not so much fun to conquer them!


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