Friday, February 12, 2010

WOW! I'm retarded.

No offense to anyone. Seriously. But I just noticed that I had a TERRIBLE mistake on my Valentine's Giveaway posts. I said for some reason that they ended on Feb 5th. WTFH. THAT IS WRONG. They close today. As a matter of fact, as of now they close tomorrow!!! They all end on Saturday, February 13th.

You still have time to enter all three of them, so clicky away:

Valentine's Giveaway #1
Valentine's Giveaway #2
Valentine's Giveaway #3

Kisses, XO


  1. I know way more retarded people. ^^

  2. ahah, dont be so hard on yourself, it happens...on the bright side more time to enter!! :)

  3. what doesn't retarded have to do with anything here? Retarded doesn't mean stupid. Bet you hate people using slurs against Puerto Ricans. But what you did by using the word retarded is just as bad. People with special needs are also human beings and when you use the word retarded you mock kids like mine and million others and it hurts.


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