Monday, March 29, 2010

Adventures of my Day Off

As you read earlier, today is/was [whatever] my day off. Why the excitement, you ask. Because is MY ONLY ONE. Yupp, I'm a slave, naww kidding, but due to some work issues, I've been doing overtime and getting only one, tiny, cutsie little day off a week. I love my job so I don't mind, but then again.. dayuuummmm I'm tired and my feet are beyond saving point. I lost the balls of my feet. Say goodbye to them [for those of you new around here, I work on heels].

Despite all of this, on my days off, I get to do a routine which usually consists of going to Ralph's, Kmart, Walgreens, Bank of America, etc. Last week, on my day off, I decided to be a rebel and went shopping far away. I drove 2hrs, and just went into 3 stores, bought about 5 items, and drove 2hrs back. Today, I couldn't ignore the routine. The honey was good enough to go to Ralph's and Kmart during the weekend, while I was working, so basically I just needed to go to Walgreens and JCP to grab a new Photo Finish Foundation Primer, which I talked about here.

While being in JCP, I decided to get some bras, to replace some other ones, and that's when I saw them!

City Street Coco Platform for $19.99

I have absolutely no idea what brand that is, but the shoes look similar to the Jessica Simpson ones I've been wanting forever!!!! Plus they were also very comfy. WIN.

I mean, the ones I got are not slingbacks, but who cares? For that price, definitely not me. I know, you all must be going like what??? OMG, she needs rehab, another pair of shoes, specially black heels... BUT let me tell you all, that my black heels are either, suede, fabric, or leather. No patent leather whatsoever, and I needed ones. So here they are. I guess that means, that this pumps are also out of the picture for me:

Victoria $79.95

That doesn't mean I can't get them on the blush color, right?? Tahahaha. Sorry for the shoe porn. But seriously, I had to. Besos XO


  1. get a life...other than this...te quiero!

  2. so cute! Lucky find! You should def invest in a one of those foot spa massagers. I bought one for myself (being that idance in heels all day) it has help tremendously!

    xo anastasia b

  3. love these!! you can never go wrong with black heels! ;)


  4. I must say I'm rather impressed with Jessica Simpson shoes. Not a fan of her, but I do enjoy her shoes :)

  5. great picks, those are all hot heels

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  6. Cute heels and I love love Jessica Simpson. Wish I had more of her shoes! I actually have a pair of hers that are sling backs and they are uber comfy. Awww, hope your over time ends soon and that you get more time to play!

  7. NEVER apologize about the shoe porn.

    i'm an addict, remember? lol.

  8. I have the Victoria pumps in Blush Suede!!! I posted pics on my blog b4 when i just got them!! LOVE THEM!!


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