Friday, March 5, 2010

Product Review - Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows

What a perfect day to post this review, huh? Today comes out the much anticipated Tim Burton's remake of Alice in Wonderland, featuring Johnny Depp.

Well, as I had mentioned before [here] when I splurged on a lot of makeup at Sephora, I was going to be reviewing them. Here's my review of the Book of Shadows.

Pricing - $52

I actually think it's a good price for 16 eye shadows [supposedly their top sellers], one eye shadow primer, 2 eye liners and the fact that is special edition. 


That's exactly what made me buy it. I'm a sucker for pretty things. And it's pop-up art of Alice in "Wonderland" is amazing. The names given to the eye shadows also caught my attention. In particular "Drink me, Eat me" I mean who doesn't want an eye shadow by that name? Only bad thing is that you can't take your eye shadow with you to retouch, unless you have a really big makeup bag.


Here's where the weight of the whole review lies, it's effectiveness, and I must say I love it. The eye shadow primer potion is amazing and so is the black eye liner pencil. Not to mention the lovely things you can do with those colors.

The eye shadow primer potion glides in smoothly without leaving your eyelids all cakey. I have used eye shadow primer in the past and hated the whole idea of it, until I tried this one. It also evens out your skin tone in that area,  making it perfect for day looks with just a simple color or glamorous night makeup.

Here I'm wearing 3 of the eye shadows that come in the palette. I used Curioser for the main lid area, Underland for the outer corner and White Rabbit for the brow bone. It sort of looks like I'm wearing 4 different colors, but it's just those 3 blended in. I'm also wearing the eyeshadow primer potion. I'm happy to say that this makeup looked exactly like this ALL NIGHT LONG! That's a winner on my book. I also learned, for next time, that I should apply the primer all the way up to my brow, since I will be applying eye shadow all the way over there, otherwise you get that weird strike mark that I'm pretty sure all of you can see [it makes the white color look different].

Hours later, returning home.

Would I recommend this product?

Definitely! Too bad is sold out everywhere [or so I heard].

PS: I will post all about this outfit soon.


  1. That looks amazing!! The kit is all sold out here, too bad, but I'm glad I got to know how it went ^^

  2. The 3rd and 5th picture, I thought it was rubix cube -.-""" lol

  3. Looks fantastic, it really stayed put. I haaaate it when eyeshadow flakes off! And I'd have to agree, 52 bucks for that much makeup is a pretty good deal!

  4. I've gotta agree...PERFECT timing :)
    And those names are hillarious. Hahaha

  5. Of course it's sold out...because I was going to buy it. Booooo!

  6. The pop ups are pretty darn cool! Looks like a great product!

  7. That is absolutely gorgeous! I would so buy that if it weren't sold out! :(

  8. Your eyes look lovely and I like how they named the shadow after some themes of Alice in Wonderland. Beautiful eyes girl!

  9. It is sold out damn it :( I wanted it so bad, but there are a bunc on sale at ebay for like 100 bucks....I think I am still gettin it with my tax return lol..


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