Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What am I wearing?

Valentine's Weekend - Day 1

Before we hit Christmas again, here are the pics of my Valentine's Weekend. This was Friday Feb 12. We went out dancing/drinking. I let the lady who cut my ends play a little with my hair. I don't necessarily love it, but I don't hate it. I also got a mani/pedi and had my eyebrows done. Woohoo me!

-Dress from Forever 21
-Ring and shoes from Bakers
-minty nail polish is from Icing and it's called Mint 2 Be
-toe nail color is also from Icing and it's name is Champagne Bubbles

I love those shoes!!!! They're extremely comfortable and just plain dreamy. I always get compliments on them. Ohhh and speaking of compliments that day as soon as we walked into bar #1, this lady came up to me behind my back and poked me. I turned around and she said "Excuse me, I'm sorry, I came from across the room to tell you that you look amazing" "You're beautiful, I love your dress". I just mumbled thanks, and when I turned... the honey's face was just PRICELESS!! We left after I chugged my sangria.

I did my makeup this day, and loved it!!! I kinda can't believe I did it. Don't worry I'll be blogging all about that soon!

PS: Have you entered my lovely necklace giveaway yet??? There's still time, hurry up. ENTER.


  1. Well your honey was probably going like, "YEAAAHHHH..." inside. :D

  2. You do look fabulous! From head to toe - flawless!!!

    xo anastasia b

  3. WOW, lol thats all I can really say, you look like a barbie doll :)!!

  4. WOW!! You look amazing!!! I love the dress & the shoes!!!


  5. You are certainly gorgeous! I can see why random people would come up to you to say so :)

  6. You look very beautiful Amber and I love white on you!

  7. Oops, sorry girl! Ambar! XO! Oh and by the way hope you got my text...I DO want to see you, we will make a time work. Sorry it's been hard to coordinate!

  8. soooo gorgeous! Love the dress! :) very very pretty

  9. I love that dress, reminds me of a favorite dress of mine...that I no longer own.

  10. wow sooo cute u look like ur gettin married or something!!!!

  11. WOWZA lady. Look at that teeny tiny waist!

  12. GORG-tastic!!!!

    it's a little bit like Brit's black lacey from a few years ago (which i LUVD, no matter what anyone says!) : http://bit.ly/bDZ3Xw

    i'd actually bought this: http://bit.ly/9JMUi7 in a turquise bluey yeeeears ago to wear, but the only person that ever saw it was the ex-stinky face duck.

    anyway, i think it's adorable, i luv it, i want it, that woman was right & i luv the part about chugging sangria. hahaha

    i'm entering the giveaway now!

    i'm also posting a "luvs the 'stache" part two (with a linky to you!)

    luvs u a bazilliondy!



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