Sunday, March 21, 2010

What am I wearing?

Valentine's Weekend - Day 3
I know, always on top of things..talking Valentine's on the end of March (:

This is it. This was Valentine's Day!!!

Let me just say this first. THE HONEY WAS AMAZING!!! Are you reading this hun??? You were awesome. You got me a purrrfect gift, and chocolates, and dinner, and took me out. You were just the best!!!!

Saturday when I returned home from work.. you know with the horrendous cramps and whatnot there was a gift on top of the bed. Just for me, and just what I wanted. Awww. 

Ok, I'll stop now before people start throwing up.

-Dress from F21
-shoes from bakers
-Michael Kors watch

In case you haven't noticed yet. A dress from Forever 21 and a pair of shoes from Bakers is the way to go. I made the mistake of going in the Forever 21 Mega Store to find a dress for Valentine's Day and ended up with waaaay more than one outfit. Thankfully I can wear all of them for work. Wheeww! A lady's gotta justify sales. Done and done.

I loved the color of this dress, and the simple, yet sophisticated look to it. It's kinda tricky to wear a bra, so I guess it's just for us ladies who have NO boobs. The honey loooved the length of it, as being that I'm tall, normal short dresses look extra short on me. NOT.MY.FAULT. We went to a little Italian restaurant and it was all perfect. Love you dear.

PS: You can check out pics of my makeup on this post here.


  1. hey girly! I have missed you. Love the dress!! You evening sure does sound like a dream come true, glad you had such a great v-day!! :)

  2. I love your dress & pumps!! You look great!

  3. Wooots I love the sexy back! I so don't have the legs for this, though. lol

  4. So classy and it reminds me of a dress from Serena in Gossip Girl, she loves the plunging necklines and you look great in this dress! Glad the honey was so sweet, I don't mind the romantic details, lol.

  5. This dress is so cute!!!
    Lovely blog!

  6. Hello, cupcake!
    I've missed you, too!
    I realized I barely logged in at least once to Blogger the entire month of February {I use Windows Live Writer to write my posts, you see...}
    And I've missed you!!
    You look beautiful, and hon: I approve of your man if he got you choclates.

    That's all I need in my world ;)

  7. I love your shoes! your blog is awesome, I just became a follower!

  8. that dress is so gorg. it's very vintage looking! i was waiting to hear you say you snagged it from some little classic dress shop that i'll never be able to go to, but you didn't!
    You're very good at picking out things at f21... i feel like i always fail.

    wanna be my stylist? :D


    ps: duh, enter my giveaway...


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