Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What am I wearing?

Sorry about the weird lighting again. Also, I know I've posted about this dress before [here] but I just seriously love it, and would wear it every day week if you let me. I think it looks completely different though (from that other post).

-no idea the brand of that dress, it's REALLY OLD.
-scarf and boots from Bakers [also seen here]
-flower is a pin from F21
-Michael Kors watch

PS: This was worn ages ago. No seriously, probably around 2 months ago.

KISSES darlings XOXO


  1. LOVE the F21 pin in your hair. Gorgeous!

  2. Hi Ambar,
    I love the black dress! And the flower pin too, the color really goes well with the black dress.

    Anyway, i don't know if you're interested in this blog award thing but I have a blog award for you, it's the "Over The Top" award, please check it on my blog. You just have to copy and paste the award pic to your blog and follow the rules.
    Thanks so much!

    click here for the award link

  3. you are so cute, i want to carry you in my pocket lol or make a barbie model out of you lol..ok so I just crossed the creepy line ahah! But seriously, I love that flower in your hair it has a flamenco flair, paired with the dress and boots, its lovely as usual..

  4. you look like a senorita in this post :)

    heart the boots. gorgeous baby!

  5. I love your cute flower in your hair and the black ensemble is adorable!


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