Wednesday, October 7, 2009

100 Truths About Me

  1. I’m extremely sarcastic.
  2. I hate, HATE TV.
  3. Radio’s going down that road too.
  4. I’ve "acted" on two different commercials.
  5. I was "raised" in blockbuster therefore, I love movies.
  6. I hate comedies.
  7. I secretly wish I could be more like mom, because she is the mother of all EVIL!
  8. I’m an only child and a HUGE daddy's girl.
  9. I would die/kill/remove my right arm for a sister.
  10. Speaking of my right arm, I can’t do anything with my left arm/hand.
  11. I wear my watch on my right wrist [see because I can’t on the left].
  12. I love reading, and I read really fast too.
  13. I am diabetic. Hypoglycemic actually. I was diagnosed at age 8 and was put on a VERY strict diet. The diet consisted of no artificial sugars. As in absolutely zero sugars. Everything was sugar free and that also included corn syrup, starch, fructose, glucose, etc. Four years later the doctor "lifted" the diet because my body had stabilized. Thanks to this, I've been reading nutrition facts labels since forever and I actually know how to read them!
  14. I seriously love Brad Pitt.
  15. I had a real best friend and I lost her.
  16. People are always telling me I look like Katie Holmes.
  17. I HATE the sound the dryer makes when it's done. Hearing that sound should be an optional thing!!!
  18. I have gone without food for over 24 hrs. I know, not healthy!
  19. I hate lies, liars, being lied to, etc. It really tears me up inside. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.
  20. I'm 21 and cannot swallow pills, except for birth control, because they're TINY.
  21. I have never seen snow.
  22. I secretly wish I could be a model.
  23. Panic is what I feel whenever I'm driving in LA.
  24. I'm in a sorority.
  25. My mom's an only child as well. However, I call over 20 people aunt/uncle thanks to her.
  26. When I moved with my boyfriend I didn't know how to cook anything! I had my mom in the phone for the longest periods of time just giving me instructions. I learned.
  27. I will always be the girl who always wanted a tattoo and never got one. I like them, but maybe they're not for me. I could never decide on what to get, or where to get it, or any of that.
  28. I had a [body] piercing and I loooooved it. It freaking fell out one day. I miss it all the time.
  29. I used to play the violin.
  30. I love taking pics, but not as much as I love actually being on them.
  31. Before I left Puerto Rico, I used to babysit the cutest little girl ever!!! I've missed her each and every single day.
  32. I love my dog more than I could possibly imagine. Love like that is hard to explain.
  33. When I was introduced to my boyfriend, I was a complete, TOTAL bitch to him. I still wonder why he talked to me after that. [I'm kidding I know it was beacuse I'm super hot]. LOL
  34. I used to eat a whole pizza by myself...on a regular basis. Don't worry I used to excercise a lot too.
  35. I have cheated on somebody and I'm not sure I'm sorry. People make mistakes to learn from them, I definitely learned from that one!
  36. I have fallen asleep at work. But in my defense, it was only once, and it was also during pledge week. I had gotten 0 sleep for like 4 or 5 days! [PS: I fell asleep on the toilet!]
  37. I would get a rhinoplasty if it were cheap!
  38. I have a thing for shoes. I think there should be malls just for shoe stores.
  39. I write a lot. A lot of crap I don't let anyone read, lol. But when I was younger I used to write a lot more, and also I used to draw. [I am not ANY good at either of these "hobbies"].
  40. I'm 21, and still very conventional about some things [example: no cellphones during dinner].
  41. Speaking of dinner, I don't have a dinning table at my apartment. Why?? Because it wouldn't fit, not even a small table for two. I would love to have my own dining table so that I could serve food properly and sit down and eat peacefully. Also, it would be nice to be able to invite people over for dinner.
  42. No one besides my boyfriend has ever tried my food. [Refer to #26]
  43. I wish I was done with school already!!!!!!
  44. As soon as I walk through the door, I take everything off. My earrings, rings, any jewelry, etc. I also wash my face asap. If I'm going to be home, I need to be as comfy as possible.
  45. I'm an extremely loyal customer. If I like your store/product/services you're going to see me A LOT.
  46. One of my good friends is a succesful jewelry designer.
  47. For some time, I couldn't like the same guy for more than a couple of weeks, and I was really tired of just hurting people. I wanted to get out. I was considering joining the army [I KNOW!]. I fell in love with the next guy I went out with. Hi, honey!
  48. I know how to sew. I took classes when I was in high school because I wanted to design. However, I can't draw. I gave it up.
  49. I looove fruits, I eat all kinds of fruit except watermelons, or any other kind of melons (cantaloupe or things like that).
  50. Making this list is a lot harder than I thought.
  51. I love dancing. I used to partipate in ALL (yes, all of them you could ask my mom) the talent shows at my school. In collge I did some dancing as well.
  52. Whenever I'm listening to music, I'm also singing to it. If I can't sing a song [meaning that I don't know the lyrics] I don't like it.
  53. I used to eat like a trucker and I never gained a pound. Don't hate me please.
  54. I'm really romantic, but I never admit it [except just now]. I love when guys give me flowers for no reason, or just visit me randomly just to say hi, things like that. I just love the little details.
  55. I hate holidays. Yes. holidays, including my birthday. The ones I hate the most are Valentine's Day, Christmas, NEW YEARS, YUCKKK, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. I think just writing this put me in a bad mood. I believe that if you want to celebrate something, you don't need to wait for a date when the rest of the world is also celebrating the exact same thing. PS: my birthday is on a holiday!!! The horror!!
  56. My parents have been together for 30 years now. WOW! I want my kids to be able to say that about me too.
  57. I want to have a bunch of kids. I love kids. I know I will need to work on my patience though.
  58. I really, really, REALLY want to visit Italy someday.
  59. I love dressing up. Say formal events and I'm there! I think this was one of the things I loved the most of being in a sorority. Millions of excuses to dress up.
  60. When I meet a guy, I always look at his hands, they say a lot about people. Ugly hands is a HUGE turn off. [Should I write this sentence in past tense? LOL]
  61. When I like something (food wise) I eat it every day until I get literally tired of it and then stop eating it for years. I've done this with over 10 or 15 different foods. Example: I don't drink soda anymore and haven't for years, but I used to drink over 2 liters a day!
  62. At fast foods, I always order the exact same thing. This might be the reason of why I get tired of it, but whatevs.
  63. I carry mace on my purse at all times.
  64. I'm in love with the moon.
  65. I can't sleep if I don't have a comforter, I absolutely hate the feel of sheets. I wrap the comforter around myself so I don't feel the "fitted sheet" [you know the one that goes around the mattress real tight] eww.
  66. It makes me want to kill people, it seriously drives me crazy when I say I'm from Puerto Rico, and people immediately ask if I'm from New York. Are you stupid or what? New York does NOT equal Puerto Rico. GEEZ
  67. I keep all my cards, and I have boxes full of them, each and every single card I've been given since I was a baby [at that time, my mom kept them for me].
  68. I'm really proud to be Latina.
  69. I can eat breakfast for all my meals, for example eggs in the morning, pancakes in the afternoon, oatmeal at night. I just love all things breakfast. Period.
  70. I'm really picky with food.
  71. My boyfriend is my best friend. In that order.
  72. I've seen most of my favorite artists/bands live at concerts. [Ricky Martin, Alejandro Fernandez, Menudo, Ricardo Arjona, Wisin y Yandel, Don Omar, La Secta, Jarabe de Palo, Daddy Yankee, Sean Paul, and a few more].
  73. I have no idea what I used to do on the computer all day long before there was Facebook.
  74. I love (sea) turtles, they're just so cute.
  75. I once went grocery shopping with 6 inch heels and dressed super, duper sexy, just for the heck of it.
  76. I've been asked if I'm a model like a bazillion times, I've never said yes.
  77. If I don't understand/know how to work with something/etc, I get really frustrated very fast.
  78. I wear (reading) glasses. I've been wearing them since the 7th grade and only a handful of people has seen me with them on.
  79. I used to pee on the street a lot. A LOT.
  80. I love people with a British accent.
  81. Every job I've ever applied to, I have been offered the position.
  82. I had my tonsils removed in 2007.
  83. I don't like iPods or iPhones or iSh iStuff.
  84. I have a great memory, which is both good and bad. Good 'cause you remember stuff and that's always helpful. Bad 'cause nobody, NOBODY wants to remember certain things and they're just always fresh in my memory as if they had just happened. It sucks.
  85. My favorite colors are green and gray.
  86. I'm impossible to wake up.
  87. I hate reptiles and insects, all of them.
  88. I have a zune, refer to # 83.
  89. I swear to God I have insomnia.
  90. When I do sleep, I ALWAYS have horrible nightmares or extremely weird, usually creepy dreams.
  91. Most of my underwear is colorful, like vibrant, neon colors. I have like 1 nude and 2 black undies only.
  92. One of my favorite songs of all time is Eleanor Rigby [The Beatles, DUH!]
  93. I've had a cellphone since I was 12. So that's almost 10 yrs.
  94. I am ALWAYS cold. As in, freezing. Usually, everybody around me is wearing tanks, shorts and flip flops, so apparently is just me who's freezing.
  95. My bf says I have OCD, I like to look at it as detail-oriented. Example, I always write with the same pen, I can't just use another pen, let alone a different color. I also, never EVER use the erasers that the pencils have, I use a lion eraser. It drives me nuts to see pencils with dirty, used erasers. EEK. Ok, maybe I have a little OCD.
  96. I organize my closet by sleeve length and color at the same time. [This is not helping with my OCD argument]. Everything goes from strapless to long sleeve, white to black.
  97. I looooooooooooooove listening to birds "singing".
  98. When I was in pre-kinder [3 years old] I had THREE BOYFRIENDS!!!! Apparently, one for each year I had lived. You know, you gotta make up for lost time, LOL. This is so funny, my mom has pics with me holding hands and all. I actually kept one of those relationships going all the way through kindergarten.
  99. I always sleep on the same side of the bed. And even though I had a queen size all for myself, I slept on the corner, my little corner. There was always enough space left for two more people in there. Oh, and I used three pillows to sleep.
  100. OMG, I made it to #100. Ok, so my favorite perfume of ALL TIME is Lolita Lempicka.

WOW!!! It has taken me months people, MONTHS to finish this post. I must give credit to the list that inspired me to do this. It was David's. If you don't know who David is, where the heck have you been?!?!?!?! Anywhozers, his list truly inspired me to do this. I never thought I could come up with 100 facts about me, and to be honest, it was quite a difficult task. David's list is a lot more intimate if you may, and I don't feel THAT ready to disclose such personal info around here yet. I do admire his courage and his honesty. I wrote things, and previewed it, then erased like five facts, then put back two of them. So, yea that explains the months it took me.

However, writing this list made me realize a few things about myself. I seem to have OCD, omg don't tell on me. I have learned a few things since moving to LA, and I apparently like things in groups of 3. Feel free to ask me any questions about me, or of anything else that you might wanna know.



  1. Me mata lo de las pastillas!!! nunca me olvido de eso... y siiiii nena tu comias un monton, te acuerdas de nuestras horas de cortar clase en la cafeteria!! LOL comias como 3 veces!!! Me pasa lo mismo con los tatuajes!! he dicho como mil veces q me voy a hacer uno y siempre cambio de lugar o de lo q me voy a hacer! LOL me acuerdo cuando te sacaron las amigdalas q estabas bn badtripea' pq solamente podias comer papas majadas!! I absolutely hate birds singing!! es un ruido innecesario y odio los ruidos innecesario!! Pero quiero tener una cotorra o un guacamayo de pet... q conveniente right? Ok el comment mas largo de la vida... BTW loved the post! keep up the good work... me tienes jukia' nena!! XOXO

  2. Holy crow, that was a long list girlie! I like how you like sea turtles and I also get cold easily....he he, I can totally tell that you are sarcastic and keep the reading going, I need to do more reading as well!

  3. Holy crap thats a lot of stuff! I'm an only child too!!

  4. I love this! I've actually done #36 too! shh! don't tell :)

  5. OMG! Ambar I luv, luv,luv this list! My fave colors are green and gray too! Also, I sleep on one side, can't sleep, stay cold all the time, LUV to dress up,luv all fruit except the melons,hate liars too, have to wash my face as soon as I walk in the house! WOW! I can't believe it, sooo weird! NO WONDER WHY I LIKE YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!
    p.s. AMBAR YOU are BEAUTIFUL, Katie Holmes is CUTE sooo NAh I don't think YOU LOOK like her at all!!! However, YOU do look like a MODEL!!!:)
    LOVE Ya!!!!

  6. GIRL, haven't you seen The Office? How could you hate tv when that's on the air. Ah ha. Fab list!

  7. OMG! Wow... Cool... nice post.. hehehe

  8. So you're from New York?

    *teehee* OKAY OKAY I'm just messin'! ^^

    I did this list some time back, took me really long too. LOL. Oh, I organize my wardrobe by colour and get really grouchy when my mom chucks my stuff any old how!

  9. I don't like tv either! And Katie Holmes is gorgeous, wow! I love your list :)

  10. I didn't know you're in a sorority! I was in a sorority, too!

  11. that's a very interesting list. why don't you like tv?!
    and the reason i didn't like blogger draft was because it was really difficult to format my post. the picture was just not cooperating with me. but who knows, it might grow on me.

  12. Love it! You did a great job, and now I know lots about you too... thanks for visiting my blog as well :) I agree, it is really hard to come up with so many things about yourself, because you have to sit there and think about it! lol. Have a great week!

  13. So, this is basically just a list of 100 reasons why I heart you. ;-)


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