Friday, October 9, 2009

Designer Interview - Natalia's Prestige

I have a thing or two for wanting to be different, for having things that only I have, for getting things custom made, hello etsy!

Here is where designers come in the picture, and I'm not talking about Balmain or Chanel, because I can't afford them. I mean girls that I know, and basically grew up with. People that have great creativity and create pieces that are unique and most of the time made specially for you, they fit your finger perfectly, or go precisely with that new outfit you just bought, you can have them make it all match, or not, however you desire.

Here I have one of them, Natalia Morales, jewelry designer She can be found in Facebook, and/or Myspace [I will all her contact information at the end of this post] you can browse through her collections, order something you like, or have something made specifically for you. I have to admit that I totally admire her for having her own style and being so creative with her talents. Did I mention she's from Puerto Rico?? Well YES! so don't worry Latinas, they speak Spanish, she is also in her twenties, studying and having a life. What's not to like?

I think it is very important to be your own person all the time. And being able to express who you are with pieces that nobody else has, is definitely something. Hasn't it happened to you, that after spending hours looking for that perfect accesory, 3 or 4 girls are wearing the same one? Doesn't that bother you? Because it sure bothers me!

Interview with designer Natalia Morales for her jewelry line Natalia's Prestige.

Since when have you been interested in creating/designing?

I started the line Natalia's Prestige on August 2005 and Girly Prestige on July 2008.

How (and where) did you learn to design?

I have always been interested in the arts. Being able to design jewelry was a gift I didn't know I had, but which has turned into my passion. I never took lessons, it was always really an inspiration.

Where do you find this inspiration?

I took advantage of the boom that bracelets with religious images provided and from there emerged what is now today Natalia's Prestige.

What materials do you use?

Semi precious stones, glass, swarovski, wire, acrylic, wood [for the ethnic pieces] and white clay.

Where do you want to go with this? How do you see yourself in the future?

Well thank God, at my young age I've been blessed with many achievements, 8 different fashion shows, TV presentations and spreads/editorials in fashion magazines. The creativity just like the opportunities are endless, so I hope I can reach higher everytime. For now my goals are Paris and New York.

[I love her so much]

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

[I have the bracelets, and the earrings too!
But mine are white]

[My mother owns this piece]

All her contact information.

And now, you have me wearing a bunch of her stuff. I looked trough most of my pics, and I found 22 different outfits on which I'm wearing Prestige! So let's see...

[See? I told you I had them]

[The matching earrings]

[At a fraternity mixer. This
was taken over a year ago.]

[The last time I hung out in PR]

[The bracelets]

Do you like these?? Do you??? I believe you love them. I smell a giveaway coming soon =). And here is what really took me forever to find, a descent picture of us. Not because we didn't look smoking hot in all of them, but because we didn't look sober presentable.

There you go, me and Natalia, one of my besties!
Love you to death girl!


  1. LOVE those bracelets! Awesome post mama!

  2. What a lovely interview of your friend and that jewelry is so bright and full of life! You look lovely in your photos darlin, happy weekend!

  3. I love love loveeee theseeeee and they look awesome and i would much like to buy one! :)

  4. Don't you have a talented friend? I love the look of that heart necklace!

  5. ooh those are funky fresh! loving all the colors and you work 'em good girl!

  6. i love the bracelets! so colourful!

  7. Hey pretty girl. You are one of our mag subscription winners! Send me your contact info when you get a chance. : )

  8. Fun interview! I love and support indie designers, so this was great :)

    BTW, left you a wee award on my blog. xx D


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