Saturday, October 31, 2009

What am I wearing? [Concert Edition]

Pure hotness!!! For realz.

I loooove this look. LOVE. I mean, those leggings. RAWRR! And my hair.. oh emm gee. If it weren't for Liz from It's Unbeweavable! that would have never been accomplished. She told me which products to buy and all that stuff. Thanks girl, love! Now... the clothes *drooling*. Pretty much everything was new. The leggings from Image, the top from Wet Seal, the earrings from For Love 21, all bought during this shopping trip. And my super hot new boots [I'm still in love with those]. And my MK watch, love u honey!!!

You can go here to see how the concert was. Also I just saw those leggings at F21 the other day for about $11. BOO!

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PPS: I am wearing a costume, shhhh. Don't tell on me. Pics later, and hopefully it won't take me FOREV to post them, like aheem this post here. Tee-hee.

Love you all. Kisses XOXO


  1. AWESOME LOOK!!!! I love it from the hair down to the boots!!

  2. Love the look, very beautiful :) ...

  3. love the top and hair... the hair's great but I need that top with me now!!

  4. i love love love that look!! you are so freakin' gorgeous!!!

  5. Nice looks and great smile to go along..

    Keep smiling!!



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