Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Awards and Shotouts

I got an award YAY!!!!! [Ok, make that 2] Lovely Meagan from Megs7827 gave me the Honest Scrap award.

The award is to honor those who write from the heart. The rules state that I should tell you 10 things about myself you don't already know and then pass it on to 10 bloggers of note.

Talk about timing. After I had just finished writing my "100 Truths About Me" post, I suddenly need to come up with 10 more! Holy Jesus! But, apparently I was still on that mindset, and was able to do it all in one day. Wheew.

10 More Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. One of my favorite snacks is crackers with butter and cheddar cheese on top.

2. Back home, my room was painted lime green, bright orange, blinding yellow, and vibrant blue.
3. I had restylane injected on my lips once.
4. I always went to private school. One Baptist, one Presbyterian, and the other two were Catholic.
5. One of my favorite artists of all time is Joan Miro.

6. I own over 15 bathing suits. Which I obviously don't wear anymore thanks to the weather!
7. I hate ironing. I don't do it. EVER. If something needs to be ironed, the honey does it. At home, my dad did it. But, I'm considerate, so I don't buy clothes that need ironing.
8. My hair on my head doesn't grow. For real!!! It's been that length for like the past three years. However, I need to shave my legs everyday!
9. I'm the most allergic person on the planet. I'm allergic to cats, hair dye, sea food. And many other things  that doctors have never been able to identify.
10. I absolutely hate the feeling of wet hair on my back or shoulders.

And now, I pass this award to...

1. Lilu from LivitLuvit
2. Lisa from Just Lisa, No Filler
3. Liz from It's Unbeweavable!
4. Nic from Pinknic's Planet
5. Brown Girl from Brown Girl Blogs
7. The Novelista Barista from The Novelista Barista DUH!
8. Robyn from Fashionista 514
9. Jess from Du Wax Loolu
10. Mayra from life is BANANAS.

And Deanne from Dream Sequins gave me The Fancy Pants award. I love this!!! The honey always calls me smarty pants. LOL! Anywhozers, I am giving this award to:

1. Kelly from Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY!
2. Hanh from Life in Travel
3. Maegan from ...love Maegan

Love your blogs peeps!! Keep it up. Also, I want to take this moment to mention two other awards that I've earned in the past, and I'm pretty sure I didn't mention them. I really don't know [can't remember]. But I probably didn't cause I was a newbie and didn't know eff about this whole biz. The lovely Sierra from OceanDreams gave me the Blog Lovin' Award and Gerri Ward from Shoes From Around the Globe gave me the Butterfly Blogger Award. These two are amongst my favorite bloggers. I seriously love them and their blogs, so go check them out. I've always had the picture of the awards on my sidebar, and they link back to them, but just in case, yaneverknow.


I HAVE to thank Liz from It's Unbeweavable!, for helping me with some major, I was seriously freaking out minor hair questions.She is such a darling. I love her, gotta huge girl crush. But don't tell on me :) Second, Constance from Constance-Victoria, was also a darling and helped me with some shiz I didn't understand cause I'm retarded ebay business.I really appreciated it girls!! It's good to know that you are there to answer my questions/help me when needed. Big kisses to you both.

Alsoooo [ok, I promise after this, I'm leaving] I won TWO giveaways!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! They were my firsts [WOW, what a virgin!]. I won a subscription to Elle from the sweetie pies Kristin and Megan from BonBon Rose and an Opart photo from Kelly's blog, Her Southern Heart. Thank you so much ladies, can't wait for the goodies to arrive.


  1. LOL THANKS LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur the bestest!!!!!

  2. Cheese & butter on crackers...gonna have to try that. Ummm...i HATE ironing. I make the hubs do ALL of that stuff ;)- Lol
    Ya for the awards...you totally deserve them.

  3. that snack sounds deceivingly good but i won't try it...that way i won't get addicted. i'm a big time cheese-a-holic.

    congrats on the awards! love the pic of you. you look HOTT! thanks for the love :)

    ps. i can't believe you don't remember! you're funny.

  4. Glad to have helped you out!!
    Constance x

  5. Congrats on your award! Love your blog btw


  6. Awww, thanks so much for the shout out, love! Congrats on all the pretty, pretty awards :-)

  7. Congrats on the new awards love and thanks for mentioning the one I gave you! I am too allergic to everything on the planet so I feel your pain. And oh my goodness that is a lot of bathing suits! You are totally ready to hit the beach at any notice. ;)

  8. Awww girl crush mutual!!! Thanks love!

    Umm, I want cheese like now. :)

  9. Congrats on all the fab awards lady!

  10. Congratsssssssss and those are some crazy room colors.

  11. Thanks for the award girl! Cheese with butter? That's new to me...I need to check that out!

  12. Congrats on all those awards, and thanks for passing on the love!

  13. Congrats on the awards!! I love cheese and crackers, too :-)

  14. thank you so much for my award!!!! And congrats on getting all of those!!! You go girl!!!

  15. Congrats on the much deserved award :)

    How did you like the restylane? (then again, you only did it once, so maybe that is saying something?)

    Do you color your hair? I do, and so my hair gets "chemical layers" (meaning the damage from the color gives it natural layers, lol, as the ends fall off)...that may be why your hair stays one length (and if you don't color your hair, then your hair's life cycle is just shorter than others...it looks nice anyway at that length, so it works out well).

    Soooo cool that your dad and honey do your ironing! I have a good dad and honey like that too (I don't have clothes that need iron, but they vacuum for me...love those great men!)


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