Monday, October 12, 2009

At The Fleas - Part III: The Surprise

This is how the previous post of this series ended.
...I saw the coins I wanted to get my dad, I asked for them, the sales guy handed them to me, and just as this happened, I SPOTTED ONE OF MY FAVORITE CELEBRITIES IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD standing there a mere two feet away, also looking at the coins. I died. Came back to life, took pictures...

Ok, so without further ado [because I know all of you are dying to know, right, RIGHT???], I saw Robi Draco Rosa. For those of you who have been living under a fugly rock don't know who he is, prepared to be dazzled [and NOT by Rob Pattz].

The story: So, as I stood there seriously pondering if this was actually him, I say to my bf, [exact words] "ese tipo se parece a Robi" which means that guy looks like Robi. He looked and then he looked back at me like OMG, YES! I really don't know what happened next in detail, all I know is that I was holding on to him for dear life taking a picture with him, arms wrapped around him, still don't know why. He is so tall! OMG and his skin, and his face, his look, his eyes, OMG. So, I took my picture, thanked him, and let him go, SADLY. I asked the honey if he wanted a picture, he said no, then he was like " I should, cause then I will regret it". So we went back, stalked him a little bit, took another pic. He is the NICEST, super humble, he wasn't bothered at all, it was like we were just good 'ol friends that ran into each other. I'm in love! Even more than I was before! You can read his bio here.

The irony: The night before our flea market adventure we were on his webpage!!! I mean this is how much we love this guy and his music. We were on phantomvox looking to see if he was on tour or not. Aaaaaand on our way there we had the iPod on shuffle, and like 4 of his songs came up, and we were just talking and talking about him. So imagine my surprise when I saw him standing right in front of me. O M G.

This was how I was talking after that: OMG OMG OMG Robi. OMG OMG OMG Robi, OMG Robi, OMG...

This is the video of one of my favorite songs from him, this one is in spanish.

This next one is in english. Yea, he sings, composes and rocks in both languages! That's kinda what happens when you're Puerto Rican. Jajaja

If you liked that one, I reaaally recommend watching this one. This album of his[Mad Love] is really romantic, and it has songs that are full of meaning and they really make you think. OMG I love him.

Here, I made a little playlist of my favorite Robi songs [in no particular order]. Enjoy.

Amantes Hasta el Fin
Cruzando Puertas
Como Me Acuerdo
Cuando Pasara
Y que me Importa
Almas Diferentes/Almas Gemelas

There you have it, I hope you're all dazzled by now. Love you guys!! XOXO


  1. OMG you were so lucky then! I mean I've never heard of this guy but I can so imagine what that must have been like! xD

  2. Oh how fun glad you ran into a star love and the pictures turned out great! I will definitely have to listen to his music when I am not at work, lol.

  3. lol fugly rock,this is my favorite post,i've never heard of him before,but he's very handsome:DD
    you're very lucky to have met him:D

  4. I so didn't kno him before this but I am IN LOVE!!! Thanks so much for sharing when you could have kept him to yourself lol.

    xo Anastasia B.

  5. Ohhhh hot! Mama likey. I DIEEEE.

    Rose Bowl! SRSLY!

  6. I used to be so crazy about his songs a few years ago and then I completely forgot about him. Thank you for bringing him back into my life! :)

  7. WOW! I think I would have had a HEART ATTACK!
    HE is sooooo GORGEOUS and YOU look soooo GORGEOUSLY FAB!!! LUCKY YOU!!!!:)



  9. k i have no idea who he is but i'm glad i know now! he's muy bonito!

  10. OH HOTTIE! I'm def one jealous gal!


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