Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Images

Hello lovies, since this is the first Saturday of October, today's pictures are all about Halloween. Enjoy!


[isn't this the cutest thing ever??]

Are you going out for Halloween? Did you choose your costume already? What is it??? Tell me, I want to know, since I'm still deciding if I'm doing something or not. Kisses have a great weekend, love you all!!!


  1. Those are hot. I'm thinking about being Lois from family guy.

  2. Saturday? Damn it's already Sunday here.

    Nope... no real Halloween celebration here. But if I'm doing it then I'll prolly be a Powerpuff girl. LOL.

  3. hmm too bad halloween is not really celebrated here. but im celebrating it anyways! anyways, great pics.. hehe esp the mascot ones and the skull.

  4. OMG! I luv these photos, they're solely HALLOWEENISH!!! Unfortunately for the first time in many years I won't be getting together with my girl friends for our "Treat Ourselves to FAB INEXPENSIVE SOLES", followed with a SLEEP OVER and a marathon of classic movies and Delicious Fattening Treats!!! I'll probably be working, if not that: studying and if not that: Hopefully POSTING and READING FAB POSTS LIKE YOURS!!!!:)))

  5. OMG i just read the first comment. lois from family guy is hilarious. so far i'm thinking i'll be a fafi girl but i dunno.

    love the halloween pics. that banana one is my fav, of course :)

  6. Ohhh scary! Loving the skull! Ha ha,thanks for your flickr pics on your sailor costume, how amazing. I still haven't decided yet. Have you? Choices, choices...

  7. I completely love your blog and I was wondering if you would pay mines a visit

  8. OMG, I so want to make the hubs dress up as a banana and the dude as a monkey. So stinking cute!

  9. Is it bad that I kind of want to have a kid JUST so I can put them in that Curious George costume?

    Don't answer that.

  10. The monkey and banana pic is cute!! I don't know what I'll be...any ideas for a pregnant woman who will be 36 weeks along at the point?

  11. omg, i WANT a little one just to have the halloween costume!

  12. @Lisa, that sounds fun!

    @Nahse^, really??? where u at girl?? and powerpuff-> LOL

    @noomiedoodlesfashion, awww thanks! and how are you celebrating??

    @Gerri, that's too bad that you won't be getting with your girls for what seems like an annual ritual. I hope you don't have to work as much that day. AND YAY to great posts, take care darlin

    @bananas. hey girl, educate me here. what on Earth is a fafi girl????

    @OceanDreams, ohh no probz girl. I really wish I had brought that costume with me, I left it at home, dunno why cause I LOOOOVED it. And no, I haven't decided on anything yet :(

    @coolkidz, umm thanks

    @Kristin, I KNOOOOOW!! lucky you that have the dude ready for it. I still need a few more years, LOL

    @Lilu.... LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO jajajajaja OMG girl, u ALWAYS make me laugh. Like what would my life be without you?? I don't wanna know so don't go anywhere!

    @Penelope, WOW!!! u got me thereeeeee... hmmm.. that's a good question!

    @Chelsea Talks Smack, it's perfect!!! I love it!


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